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  1. D,

    you are welcome to these wings. if i had posted that they were free i would have been hammered with folks asking for them. let me know if you want them. all i'm asking is shipping cost.



  2. ok dronlee, Corodoba Sergio, Fred H, lets see it
  3. thanks stippled popper
  4. stippled popper from swap. so many gills they tore the hackle off.
  5. Gravytrain


    mikechell, we are in the Meherrin River, northeast North Carolina JSzymczyk, its all shallow water digging
  6. Gravytrain


    just started (last summer) fossil hunting
  7. Kirk, well you really don't want to see this Staples $25.99 and FREE shipping http://www.staples.com/Fibre-Craft-Smart-Foam-Rainbow-Confetti-Foam-Sheets-9-inch-x-12/product_154962 sorry this is a day late craig
  8. ok this what i found. it's not the exact same but it should give the same effect oh, there is a one sheet finders fee http://www.aceeducational.com/confetti_rainbow_foam_sheets_9_x_12-p-35180.html i don't know why but i have got to try some craig
  9. Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Walt Cary and watch him tie. Those of you that don't know Walt, he is known down east as "The Popping Bug King" He is the man behind Walt's Poppers. After watching him tie for awhile he invited me back to his shop to talk some more, how could I turn him down? After several hours we had talked about everything from friends, cars, the military, boats, fishing from north of Quebec Canada to Florida and of course poppers. It was neat to watch him do something with such ease that I make so complicated. "Thanks Walt" Craig
  10. is it Christmas again ? great set of bugs guys. thanks to all craig
  11. man, somebody got a great set of flys. his poppers were reason i got in this swap. tell him not to sweat it, we will catch him next swap. now if they had stolen my flys, they would have returned them with a sympathy card craig
  12. e-fly, everything is tupelo. i cut the plugs, and turned them with my dremel. my plans were to tie two sets, one small and one large. although we had two months life got in the way and i did not finish the second set. craig
  13. missed the post office by about 10 mins this morning. they will go out first thing monday craig
  14. almost done. another day or two craig
  15. anyone know what happened to tackle-craft in Ellsworth Wisconsin no more web site or phone service craig
  16. got mine yesterday. thanks again guys. dreamcaster, here is a link to the sbs http://www.flymasters.com/dressedirons/?p=561 sbs calls for cutting the bottom body and i just stuck the hook through. the foam came from tackle-craft. they had the best deal (i think) i plan on ordering some more bodies but i want to go as small as i can this time. craig
  17. Bream, thanks for letting me join the swap this year. just about every pattern was a new one to me. i look forward to getting in on the ones coming up. i need to apologize to you guys for this months pattern being a little on the big size this time around. i ordered my materials for this swap thinking that a size 8 would be ok. i did not think about the pattern getting bigger as i glued them together. once i find the link for the pattern i will post it craig
  18. anyone ever noticed that when ca glue (i am using krazy glue) gets on a surface that was painted with a copic, it turns red. craig
  19. yesterday morning it was 63 degrees f at 7am, this morn it was 12 degrees. a 50 degree drop in 24hrs. i don't know how you guys in the mid west and north of the boarder do it year after year. it aint suppose to get this cold here. stay warm friends craig north east north carolina
  20. NC Wildlife website "Spaces Still Available for Trout Fishing Clinics in Fayetteville NC" http://www.ncwildlife.org/News/NewsArticle/tabid/416/IndexID/9467/Default.aspx they bring trout fishing to the east coast thought i'd pass this along craig
  21. flys will be in the mornings mail. this months pattern is a little big but when i saw it on the web i had to try it. craig
  22. here is a short read from our NC Wildlife magazine craig http://www.ncwildlife.org/Portals/0/Learning/documents/WINC/Sample_13/NovDec-Trout.pdf
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