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  1. Good looking fly. I tied some of these this fall but they sank even with floatant. Any advice?
  2. Bruce, Awesome fly and I like that it will be admired by more than fisherman. If you could buy one deer stacking video this Christmas, which one would you recommend? Thanks
  3. I use the cap spider (1/80 oz) almost exclusively when I go subsurface for bluegill, redear or crappie. My biggest problem is keeping the bass off of them. Fun problem to have. I cast just beyond were I think the fish are, count to five, straighten the line and then slowly lift the rod tip 2-3 feet, I then drop the rod and pull in the slack (another 5 seconds) and repeat. I'm always watching the WT forward floating line for a jump if I don't feel a hit on the bull. I have tried sinking line but just haven't had that good of luck. Today I was catching 1 to 2 lb bass, 14 inch crappie and 10 inch bluegill. What an awesome day to be a furloughed government employee. Because of the furlough, not all of the bluegill were released.
  4. The carp (and catfish) in my neck of the woods are feasting on Elderberrys. Would like a pattern for an Elderberry. I searched the flypattern database, but came up with no results. So I'm either doing it wrong or there is no elderberry pattern in there. I was thinking about wrapping some purple estaz over some foam on a size 8 mustad 3366 because I want them to float. Thanks
  5. Tidewaterfly, Thanks for sharing all those pictures. I also like variety. I showed my wife the pictures and she now understands I'm not the only one!
  6. What is the material on that first squid? Very nice
  7. Cap spider an bully's work well for me.
  8. Thanks to all. Will add those recommended flies and shorten the tails on the poppers. Will also bring a kit to repair and replace. I've fished these waters before from shore, yak and guide boat, so I think I will be able to find them. The attached photos are the flys I'm sending my friend and blue collar guide so he can give them a try. Again, thanks to those posting here and on utube. Really shortens the learning curve.
  9. That is probably a good thing. I think the wings tend to make the fly spin on the cast and twist the leader. I will try it out myself. Thanks Agree that the wings twist the leader, so much so that the fly will actually turn in the water. I am going to try one of those leaders with the swivel built in to see if that will help. If not will try the wingless or tye the wing parallel to the body.
  10. Have you made it to ding darling on sanibel island yet? There is a place that rents yaks by the hour. If you get into the mangrove trail before the crowd it can be some good fishing.
  11. Like the stripes. Did you incorporate any flash? I really like a little crystal in mine.
  12. These are my first saltwater flies tied up for a June Trip to Florida. No way I could have learned so much with out the people in this forum and those that post on U-tube. Thanks to you all.
  13. Will be fishing Florida, gulf coast near Ft. Meyers in June. Will target Reds, Snook, Lady what ever. Really hoping for my first Tarpon. Never fly fishe saltwater before and will be using a 6 and 8wt. See the attached and let me know what else I need. Thanks
  14. Suggested Names for the shrimp. Pass the sauce or Boil the water.
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