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  1. Thanks again guys!! This forum should win a prize for THE NICEST PEOPLE ONLINE!!!
  2. I have looked at a couple of patterns for "foam body" hoppers, and crickets all have talked about using sheet foam cut down to size. Is the foam similar to what kids might use to make small craft projects? something like this http://www.michaels.com/Creatology%E2%84%A2-Foam-Sheets/gc1328,default,pd.html or does it need to be something special. The link maybe a poor example.
  3. Actually I don't I found the site by doing a coocle search for "iowa insect hatches by month" I think that is what i googled. My sister-inlaw was over I was hiding in my shop down stairs
  4. Thank you all very much you help me a lot!
  5. http://www.kyndoutdoors.com/fly-fishing/fly-fishing-hatches-state.cfm?state=Iowa&start=1&sort=date Found this while tinker around abit online. It is a link for Iowa but I am sure you could find your area
  6. Where are about in Iowa are you Mike? I am in Davenport
  7. What is the difference if any? I have seen both for sale at my local gander mountain. very new to the whole fly fishing thing Thanks
  8. Just getting started in fly tying and fly fishing. I have always thought there was an art to both. I hope to use all the info I can from the forum and hopefully add something here and there.
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