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  1. It looks like the rope handles on those fancy gift bags .I've used the bright green and light blue .
  2. I saw the Tartan pattern in book by Chris Mann,called "Hackle Flies for Salmon and Steelhead".It is a Dee River fly.Go to Google and enter the book name or pattern name and it shall appear.
  3. I just ran out of my Eagle Claw 1197B hooks ,which I use for some older steelhead patterns.It seems they are no longer made.Whats a good replacement.
  4. The fly you have tied is not a Cumming's Special.However,it is a well tied Umpqua Special.
  5. Try using an electric razor that has a beard and mustache trimmer. I just tied some,and it works great.To hold down collar use a twist tie from a loaf of bread.Keep tying.
  6. Steam it gently. Thanks,I've tried that, but no luck. yes that's what I meant by "good luck, let us know how it works".... I guess sarcasm is difficult to express on a message board. I understand sarcasm,but I was looking for usefull information.Thanks,time for another beer.
  7. Steam it gently. Thanks,I've tried that, but no luck.
  8. How do you take out the curled and twisted end of a calf tail.
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