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  1. If you want waders that will last buy simms,not waders that are cheap that you have to keep on sending them back,add up the cost of returning them either in person or shipping them back on your dollar and purchase simms the best there is.
  2. I have and use 11 fly reels,I use a piece of paper with the reel name and line on it.
  3. If your smart you will purchase a Renzetti,been tying on Renzetti vises since 1995,no jaw problems here.
  4. You can get the dry fly magic holder from kafly.net
  5. Salmon in buena vista,no.the Arkansas river is here,the upper,middle and lower river.the lower river from salida to canon city is the best section.i generally stay away until sept.-august,too much river traffic,rafting companies all over.
  6. What I heard ,last year's salmon run was very good.
  7. I live in buena vista,but my fishing is done primarily on the gunnison,taylor and the east river.Also the occasional trips to the frying pan and roaring fork.
  8. I don't know if your spinning deer hair or just tying down deer hair.for spinning deer hair I use gsp75 thread,or for just tying in deer hair I will use utc270 thread.
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