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  1. 762x39

    ebay fly reels

    Hey I PMd my address to you and you can just go ahead and donate that rod to me. What a gorgeous rod. Thanks everyone who replied in this thread, lots of good info, thanks for replyin to the new guy on the site.
  2. 762x39

    ebay fly reels

    lmao great fish, I though for sure you guys were fishin over your neighbors yard into their KOI pond.
  3. 762x39

    ebay fly reels

    Hey guys, I keep seeing these aluminum fly reels on ebay for around 20 to 40 bucks, no namers as far as I can tell. Whats the story on these?
  4. Im taking a safety risk management course at the college and my presentation is going to be on rattle snakes and black widows and such at job sites. Any safety guys here or workers with incidents please give me as many tips as you can. How the situations are handled, who does it, paper work, anything you can add will help. Just gathering as much info as I can right now. Thanks.
  5. lol see I like this already. So many stuffy forums on the web and just recently I found a shooting forum with great laid back people, looks like I lucked out again.
  6. New guy to the forum, from Bakersfield CA, just thought I would say hi before posting in anyone's thread. If I ever say anything that offends you just let me know, I like to joke around, however Im not here to do anything but get along with everyone and learn what I can while sharing my own experiences. New to fly fishing and got my gear to do some tying, been a lot of fun. Now that I think about it I gotta see if their is a buy and sell spot, I love getting home made flies.
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