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  1. Paul, Did you get the email i sent you last week ? I was away from the shop for just over 5 weeks while running forestry gear so i could recover from the seperation my wife and i went through this spring and my access to the internet was virtually non-existent. Things should be getting back to normal soon as i am training some reinforcements to help around the shop when i am away.
  2. Damian, If you have Paul Marriners book "Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies" have a look in there, if memory serves me correctly there are a few spey flies for Newfoundland mentioned in it.
  3. Ray, That is more than likely the right picture for the Tungsten Dumbells, the darned things aren't cheap either. I almost cringe every time i bring more into the shop and have to price the darned things. As for bulk hooks your pricing will depend on what brand and models of hooks you are looking for. If you send me an email i will give you a quote, sometimes it is a bit cheaper but a lot of companies have stopped the bulk boxes so it is harder to get such a good deal.
  4. Hi Grant, Glad that you like the Head Cement. Once i followed the link to your site i realized who you were and had a bit of a chuckle, i didn't know i would be helping out in an informal poll of Head Cements. Oh yeah, i either apply the Pro-Lak with a fine bodkin or with a plastic lacquer applicator bottle depending on the size of the fly and which is closer. I use the clear Pro-Lak for about 95% of the flies i tie as i prefer to change thread colour instead of risking messing up an otherwise great fly with a slip of the bodkin with coloured Head Cement on it.
  5. I use Pro-Lak and have for most of my tying career. It will dry to a nice gloss finish and comes in Clear, Black, White, Red, Green and Yellow. The only other thing i will put on the heads of my flies is Veniards No. 1 Fine Cellire. The Pro-Lak out sells all other head cements that i carry in the shop by about a 10 - 1 margin.
  6. Damian, that really sucks sorry to hear about it. Weren't you working for Convergys or one of the other call centre companies ? If so then i have known quite a few people who have come and gone through their ever revolving doors of management. You never know what will pop up for work, you might have to head to Sydney or somewhere like that but things could always be worse. Send me an email, if things get much busier in the shop then i will need a bit of help in the tying department if you are interested. Also you if you feel like tying a few flies to sell then maybe get in contact with Mack Strathdee over at his shop, i am not sure if he ever buys any flies but it never hurts to ask.
  7. Bud, that is a nice looking box of tinsel. It looks like there is some on wooden spools in there, is that the tinsel that Ron Alcott was promoting about 15 years ago ? If it is it is probably one of the nicest tinsels i have ever used, i am down to my last couple of spools from the large stash i had bought way back when.
  8. Now that is the way Bucktails are supposed to look, that anorexic thing on the right must have come from a pretty scrawny deer. The average bucktail that comes through my shop (and most other shops for that matter) is about 5" across at the base and about 11-12" long, every once in awhile you will get a real monster that is closer to 16" long.
  9. You need to get your pets trained not to touch your materials, the closest our cat comes to touching any of my stuff is to curl up and go to sleep on my chair. I always have a bunch of stuff laying on the tying desk, hackle capes & saddles, jungle cock, peacock, golden pheasant, squirrel tails etc, etc and she has never touched it. I suppose it could be the faint aroma of mothballs that she doesn't like but i prefer to think that the cat can understand English perfectly and knows what will happen if she ever touches it.
  10. Hi Gary, Be safe over there, i have an uncle who left in January for a 6 month tour, luckily he is a Pharmacist so he won't see any frontline combat. I don't remember his rank at the moment but if you ever run into Fritz Krauch then you have met him. Cripes about 20 years ago he was a Captain at the Greenwood Air Force Base so lord knows what title he has now.
  11. Muzzy, it is a sad day indeed. Warren's obituary is supposed to be in tomorrows Saint John Telegraph Journal and the funeral is to be on wednesday. We have lost another one of the greats far too early in life. If memory serves me correctly he was about 59 yrs old.
  12. I fish for salmon whenever i have a few moments to spare. My property that the house and shop are on has riverfrontage and there is one salmon pool directly across the river from my property and a few more pools within a 5 minute walk. I am within 2 hours drive of about 10 other rivers as well, most of them fall run rivers.
  13. PMD stands for Pale Morning Dun, this colour in the Superfine Dubbing is a Pale Yellow with a hint of green, it is one of those colours that is hard to describe.
  14. Kerry, The host of the show is former Olympic swimmer Mark Tewksbury. I have seen them make everything from toothpicks to bathtubs to jet ski's on there, it is pretty neat the things they show.
  15. Dave, Both Daryn and I are Canadians, we live in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) and not the US. Plus our beer (or in this case IPA actually has alcohol in it )
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