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  1. Heading to Ambergris Caye in March 2016 for a week of fishing. I've tied some different sizes, color and weight Crazy Charlies, Gotchas, Puffs, couple of Chard's patterns and some crabs of different patterns. I'm planning on getting my box finished up her soon as its getting to be steelhead season around here and thats all I'll be doing for the next few months. Any suggestions on some go to flies to round out the box. I'm gonna tie some Bahama Mahmas on the suggestion of a buddy of mine. Anything else?? J-
  2. Hey guys heading up to the PM at the end of the month to fish for kings. I have tied up a bunch of eggs (various materials, veils, non veiled etc) some egg sucking leaches, some schutlzy's steeches, sucker spawn and some wiggle stones. Also have a full box of steelhead streamers that have worked in the past. What else should I be tying? Plan is to chuck and duck during the day and swing streamers/nymphs at night. Thanks J-
  3. Loctite gel super glue or uv knit sense hit with uv light if I need a fast set. J-
  4. yep was thinking about that, just trying to make it easier on myself. I like the flip flop idea. J-
  5. Anyone know of a source for either square pieces or square bars of foam that I can use for popper heads? I like the Rainys blockheads but at $6 for 6 I think I can do it cheaper for myself. also I would like to play with shapes, sizes etc. I tried at Joann's and other local craft/hobby stores and have struck out. Thanks J-
  6. tying a simple dry like a BWO or Adams, 6-10 minutes if I really take my time. A big ass streamer like a Drunk and Disorderly Deceiver (triple D) about an Hour, if I go as fast as I can , LOL J-
  7. Nice, April is great. Is that Schultzy (mike schultz) with the beer and the silly grin on his face? lol Going to see April at Mikes shop next week. Stopped in there yesterday and shot the shit with Senyo for about an hour. Talked more work (we're both cops) than fishing though, lol J-
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