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  1. I just recently picked up a Peak vice. I'm very satisfied with the whole thing. As it is my first rotary I was not too sure what to expect. It has been really easy to transition into and the rotary function is very smooth. This vice is well made at a fraction of the price of other rotaries. I would recommend it to all skill levels with no problem.
  2. Looks like a neat concept. I could tie from my recliner with that set up. I agree that holding your arms out to do anything is going to eventually make you sore. I have back problems as well so I can understand where you are comming from. I also just switched to a pedistal mounted vice with my first rotary. I had the choice of c-clamp or ped and wanted the ped. Mainly because I can move the vice back over the table better...sit straighter..and when I drop something, which is inevitable, it is more likely to land on the table top rather than on the floor. I have noticed I am more comfortable and can tie longer with the new vice. But I still get a sore back after a while. I just accept that it is going to happen and take frequent breaks. Chuck
  3. Thanks...I'll look them up and see if I can tie them. I've done clousers before but they don't look great. Chuck
  4. I am looking for some easy to intermediate skill level fly patterns that would be useful in the Sea of Cortez. I go down there about once every three years or so and want to fling some bugs on my next trip. Thanks for your help and ideas. Chuck
  5. Thanks for the heads up...I'll keep my eye on him...lol.
  6. I know that stretch of road to the middle fork pretty well and I don't like it either...would much rather go over James Creek Summit instead. Try it at night responding to an emergency...that really sucks. I have heard there is some pretty good fishing through town but have never tried it. I might give it a go this next spring and summer.
  7. I started tying on a kit vice. Not even sure what brand. I eventually "upgraded" to a Cabelas Super II, It is a pretty good cheap vice which is still only around $20. I've been using it for the past 5 years or so. Now I am in the market for a rotary so I am going to get a less expensive one. Thanks to the comments and reviews I have read here I am going to pick up a Peak vice sometime this week. We shall see how that goes.
  8. Thank you for the welcome. I have already checked out the fly database and looked over a few poll questions. Thanks for the advise on the salty bunch. Unfortunately I know eventually I will get sucked in even there as I dream about casting to the saltwater variety from time to time. Mainly I fish the south fork of the Boise and the lower stretch of the Malad river. I have an interest in trying to target Carp around Strike and in the Snake. I look forward to meeting a few interesting people here and learning a lot. Chuck
  9. Hey Rhen, My Dad lives in E. TN as well. He fishes the Holston and Wataga too. I spent a week with him a few years back and we hit the Wataga and had a blast. I hope to be in the area next summer for a bit of fishing and Lying.. Gunprofessor "Chuck"
  10. Greetings from Idaho. I have been haunting this forum for a short time getting tons of great info and opinions. Have been tying off and on for about 20 years, mostly off. and fishing for about the same time frame. I am nowhere near good but can get by at the bench. Looking forward to tips, and recipes as well as some good banter.
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