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  1. awsome looks like your making a good start!
  2. hey guys i went on the 1st of december at my local water for 3 hours with my brother and itried it but no luck so i swithched to a fly that it think is called a goldhead or leadhead and we got a total of 4 rainbows (2 each) and the biggest being 6 pounds and they were all realsed. keep the posts coming on what you think thanks
  3. sorry guys for the confusion im still young and i get confused somtimes
  4. heres one but its not novenmber sorry i could not resits
  5. well probly just rainbow or brown trout im going on saterday at my local water to test it
  6. thanks guys for all the nice responses
  7. well if you look on the pattern info you will find out and fyi the fly is called the 'Peacock' perdantic :roll eyes:
  8. Okay so i have been tying flies for under 1 month and im still learning and experimenting i tied a fly yesterday night and have no idea what it looks like or if it will catch i called it the peacock perdantic and i was wondering what you guys think
  9. cool i will have a good at this as its not to hard and im only a beginer so it will a nice experiment for me!
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