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  1. I would pay to have watched you ty this... It's perfect!!
  2. I really wish we could just click "Like" on some of these flies, wow.
  3. I am considering getting into truck driving, one thing that would sway me is the ability to fish different areas.... would this be costly? I live in Canada, but would be driving US all the time.
  4. I have been tying jigs for the last few weeks, bucktail and marabou - 1oz to 1/16 oz
  5. I am looking to get into tying buck tail jigs, is there a master out there that could share a video. There are some I found through google, but nothing like the incredibly detailed fly tying videos some of you guys have produced. I want to make the best possible as soon as possible.
  6. tyvm for posting this, I enjoyed it very much
  7. I love my cam Odyssey Spider, only my 2nd vice, and still less then 5 yrs in, but it looks like a man's vice. I tie 2/0 - 24's no issues. I couldn't see the need to replace this one, even if I had money to burn...
  8. like this but showing the actual mayflys, not flys http://www.docstoc.com/docs/80921367/hatch-chart
  9. does anyone have a chart, or know where one is online - to show a size/color of different Mayflys? I live in south eastern Ontario, and I have been searching through google all day.
  10. what size heads are those? 1/64?
  11. I wish I had a cat, if I put food coloring in its food, could I get an olive colored dubbing???
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