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  1. I would pay to have watched you ty this... It's perfect!!
  2. I really wish we could just click "Like" on some of these flies, wow.
  3. I am considering getting into truck driving, one thing that would sway me is the ability to fish different areas.... would this be costly? I live in Canada, but would be driving US all the time.
  4. I have been tying jigs for the last few weeks, bucktail and marabou - 1oz to 1/16 oz
  5. I am looking to get into tying buck tail jigs, is there a master out there that could share a video. There are some I found through google, but nothing like the incredibly detailed fly tying videos some of you guys have produced. I want to make the best possible as soon as possible.
  6. tyvm for posting this, I enjoyed it very much
  7. I love my cam Odyssey Spider, only my 2nd vice, and still less then 5 yrs in, but it looks like a man's vice. I tie 2/0 - 24's no issues. I couldn't see the need to replace this one, even if I had money to burn...
  8. like this but showing the actual mayflys, not flys http://www.docstoc.com/docs/80921367/hatch-chart
  9. does anyone have a chart, or know where one is online - to show a size/color of different Mayflys? I live in south eastern Ontario, and I have been searching through google all day.
  10. what size heads are those? 1/64?
  11. I wish I had a cat, if I put food coloring in its food, could I get an olive colored dubbing???
  12. I am looking to buy a fishing vest, I was looking at a PFD/fishing vest combo, my wife thinks this would be better as I generally fish alone, as when as having a PFD for boat fishing, any thoughts, recommendations? I don't normally where a PFD, while fishing, but having recently purchased a boat, I would like to get used to it .
  13. Kavin, great looking flies to start, how exciting is it getting those first few fist on your own fly! where are you located friend?
  14. if your looking to kill some time, you could go to chapters..... or amazon and write some great reviews on these books your suggesting! I am sure that will also be helpful.
  15. I have a young friend looking to get into tying, I share my limited supplies with him, I would gladly pay shipping on donations to him. He has a few simple tools, mostly whatever I could spare PlZ Just dont go nuts neither one of us are well off
  16. LOL um no Ontario is not the frozen tundra you may think thanx for the input all, I will be posting the results soon
  17. 20 yrs ago I would be encouraging you guys in MI to contact the Ministry office, or whichever it is in your area, but if its anything like ours, you cant find a ministry of natural resources officer unless its in the fall, and your hunting deer from your car. - so some would say I personally haven't met one outside for 12 yrs or so now. I am sure if you call a 1-800 number some branch of government will be more then willing to try and make you feel like they care. If, by chance you know a "Game Warden" this is something they should be looking into. Carp are more fragile, and sensitive to toxins then most other fish, and generally the first to be effected by issues in the water. SOMETHING is wrong.
  18. I have found tons of information on most every fly I have wanted to ty, but there is very little in the way of gar pike flys, both on this site and youtube. I am unsure as to what rope and materials to use, any help?
  19. Also a lefty, I write, eat, use my mouse, and hold my bobbin with my left hand. I to tend to flip through books back to front... I thought it was just me I hold my rod, and cast left handed, reeling with my right. And for the most part I avoid right handed scissors, saws and HAMMERS my right hand thumb can not take too many more blows.
  20. Is it this one , Randy? http://www.amazon.ca/Skip-Morris-Learn-Tie-Flies/dp/157188498X/ref=lh_ni_t?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3AGDX6JQ8S30S
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