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  1. I had to share this one... All American made REC components. Nickle silver reel seat hardware with California buckeye burl wood insert. Recoil guides and tip top. Custom designed and turned cork grip, with checkerboard inlays, and a mayfly burn. There is also a custom mayfly thread weave (that is not a decal) on the butt section. Black thread wraps with metallic green trim. It weights less in hand than a factory Sage One 590-4 due to the lightweight guides. This one is for sale at my local shop, and on Ebay. Bonus working shot of that mayfly weave 3/4 of the way finished.
  2. Thank you! Lots, and lots of bucktail! It's nothing but hackle, bucktail, rattles, flash and 6/0 hooks.
  3. Nothing but big articulated musky flies lately for me. I had to dye my own grizzly saddle hackle as well...
  4. Thanks everyone! I'm really happy with how it turned out as well. I've been playing with the colors on this one for about 4 months. I have a fishing trip coming up soon, and I decided to finish it in just a few days. Played around a little too much around the decal (beers) and ended up keeping it. A lot of red and kind of inconsistent with the patterns on the rest of the rod, but oh well.
  5. I'm really excited to fish this one properly! I've landed a few carp on it with the guides held in place with just masking tape, but this looks much nicer I think! I plan on targeting big cutthroat, and big carp with it.
  6. I've been tying these hi viz parachute adams lately.. The fat goldens love them! This one was from last week.
  7. I fish black hooks quite a bit in freshwater. I haven't noticed a huge difference or anything, I just assume they are harder to see underwater. There is a pretty well known guide in my area that midges a lake nearby, and he paints all of his hooks black with a sharpie marker. He swears the black hooks catch more fish.
  8. I cut out a scrap piece of Corian table top material for mine. Very stone-like. And it's white and easy to work with... Very happy with it.
  9. I can tell you that Loon Flow takes longer to cure tack-free than Silvercreeks UV resin. I don't know the exact amount of time it takes though. I do really like the needle tip applicator for Flow though, and I use it on small flies for that reason alone.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. I haven't tried it out yet, but the idea is to not even get the sighter or above wet, and have it in a spot that will be easier to see. Again, this is specifically for fishing low water conditions. Hot Creek gave me the idea. I usually fish furled leaders there whether it be tight lining, or a suspended indicator rig. I agree though, furled leaders are definitely not as sensitive as mono/fluoro, and it takes some getting used to. I haven't really been all that happy with the sinking furled leaders that I've tried. They are a pain to mend once they get wet in my experience. I always grease my furled leaders regardless, and place my indicator below the tippet ring. When tight lining, I keep the furled section completely out of the water. I make my leaders out of Gutterman Skala thread. Very similar to UNI-thread only un-waxed, and a fraction of the cost of UNI.
  11. Here's an idea I had recently with the low water conditions we are having in California. Tying sighters into your furled leader is no new idea, but I haven't seen anyone tying them in at the bottom of the taper. Much easier to use when you are only fishing 2-3 feet of water. Anyway, I thought I'd share since I know many of you are making your own furled leaders now.
  12. Get a black light bulb and a cheap hood for under 10$ at any local department store. No need to worry about batteries, and it works really well.
  13. I switched to the large Simms sling pack last year, and I really like it compared to the vests and chest packs I've used.
  14. I've found the tighter they are furled, the less spray I get. My early attempts at furled leaders were relatively loose compared to what I tie now. I get very little to no noticeable spray with my new ones.
  15. Favorite fishing book: Dynamic nymphing Favorite fly tying book: The Fly Tiers Benchside Reference. Favorite book that involves fly fishing: The Dog Stars. Post-apocalyptic novel about a pilot and his dog. He used to love fishing for trout, unfortunately the water became too warm to support trout, so he fishes for sucker fish instead, and dreams about the trout he used to catch.
  16. Thanks guys. Here is a more recent "working" photo. I have been very happy with the design over the years. There isn't anything that I can think of that I would change. I ended up drilling a few more holes for pre threaded bobbins, but that is about it.
  17. Thank you. Yes, the divided glue sections are made from mahogany. I forgot about that bit. I picked up the magnetic strip at a local hardware store. You can find them on Ebay though.
  18. I'm carrying two rods with me 90% of the time on the river (relatively small water), and I just carry it with my hands. Usually both rods in the same hand. Set the one down that you are not using on the bank somewhere. Don't forget it behind. Any contraptions that strap a rigged rod to your body would get in my way while fishing, landing fish, and walking around.
  19. Sounds like a really good idea. Let us know if you try some out piker. I'd like to know how well it works. I wonder if I could make my own with some hard as Nails and tungsten powder...
  20. Not to hijack the thread but ... what ??? I've got braid on bait-caster reels that is close to ten years old, and it's still like new. The only reason I respool a reel is when I've retied or changed lures so many time I've shortened the line too much. You cannot do that with mono. I did a little research on this just because it didn't sound right to me either. Seems like a pretty even split of people claiming mono is stronger and vice versa. Like I say, in my experience growing up in Wisconsin, fishing for primarily toothy fish, I can't think of a time braided line has failed me. Mono on the other hand...
  21. Has anyone tried Spectra (for the tippet section) instead of the wire leaders? I was testing some out the other day with my scissors, and the stuff seems like it'd be pretty resistant to teeth. I remember using SpiderWire when I was younger when I'd go pike fishing in Canada. I can't remember breaking any off with that stuff either. I also make and use 2 types of furled leaders for about 90% of the fishing that I do (mostly trout these days). I make 5 step, 54" ones with 6/0 Uni-thread on a jig I made. I also make 2 step mono leaders of about the same length. They both have their place for the types of fishing I do. If you are interested in trying a furled leader, I highly recommend making a few for yourself. They've changed the game for me. It's also much, much cheaper than buying knotless tapered leaders, and they should last you years.
  22. I tie pretty much every one of my Pyramid flies on TMC super point hooks. The 2499SPBL in particular. The extra sharp/long point has really seemed to improve hook-ups out there for me. I also always carry my hook hone, and use it quite a bit. I believe that it improves my hookability for sure. After a few hundered drifts with your fly bouncing along the bottom, it would be hard to believe that any hook would be as sharp as the day you tied the fly. A hook hone seems to be a pretty under utilized tool for most fisherman.
  23. A regular old blacklight lightbulb works pretty good for me. I also have a cheapy flashlight style UV light that I bought on Ebay which works well, just have to make sure it has fresh batteries.
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