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  1. I just created a blog this morning actually! I plan on using this it as a sort of fly tying pattern how-to database with very detailed instructions, with a focus on WHY we use certain fly tying techniques when we use them (i.e. counter-wrapping ribbing on quill bodied flies to improve durability, etc.). I also plan on documenting noteworthy fishing trips, with photo's and explanations, in sort of a fishing journal fashion. Noting time of year, time of day, species caught, water temp, successful flies, depths the fish are feeding at, equipment used, and much more. I'm actually planning a high country, golden trout, expedition this weekend with a buddy. Stay tuned for that!! I only have one post so far, a step by step on tying a hare's ear nymph, but I plan on having a ton of content by the end of the year. I would really appreciate any feedback, or suggestions on what I could do to make this blog better. You can check out the blog here: http://mytroutfly.blogspot.com/ Thanks for looking! Dave
  2. Haha, I'm lucky enough to have a nice, quite area, to take her fishing where we rarely see another person. She is clicker trained, and listens pretty well too when not distracted. I took her fishing yesterday since it has been a bit slow around here lately anyway. It went GREAT actually! She blew up my first spot, with her sprinting in and out of the water, but I kept casting and just ignored her for a bit, she got bored with it. We then moved down stream a ways, and she chilled right out! Sat on the bank and watched me for most of the time. It was actually pretty funny, every hour or so, she would get up and sprint full speed, in this huge loop, and then she would go right back to her spot and lay down. We caught one fish early on, I let her say hello before I released it, and I think after that, she became a little more interested in what I was doing. She is so tired today! I can't wait to take her fishing again!
  3. Looking good bassmouth!! Have you tied up any pheasant tail nymphs yet with that stack of tail feathers? Another easy, killer pattern. Scuds are killer here as well, especially after it rains. Have fun, and good luck!
  4. I have never actually used hangouts myself, but from my understanding all participants would be in able to interact with each other. Kind of like a Skype video call with 10 people. Here is more information for those interested http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/ This would be more like a club with rotating members I suppose than anything else. I think it would be really cool to try this out! Anyone else interested?
  5. I just bought a Danvise, and I couldn't be happier. I tied flies on all the vises in my local shop, and for the price this vise cannot be beat. Check out this review as well: http://www.flyfishohio.com/Vise%20Review%201/so_many_vises_$50-$100.htm My vise did not come with a DVD however. Someone did post it on YouTube though, (above) so it wasn't an issue. The reason people break the jaws on the Danvise is definitely user error. The jaw adjustment ratio is 10/1, so it is pretty easy to crank those jaws down too far. Just watch the Danvise video posted above, and pay attention when changing hook sizes. When properly adjusted, those jaws will not slip hooks. Good luck.
  6. I was just checking out Google+ hangouts for the first time, and I may be interested in hosting some sort of beginner fly tying hangout where I would teach how to tie some easy, but practical flies, maybe a new one every week or so. With real time trouble shooting, critiquing, material substitutions, colors, etc. I thought maybe I would post a pattern, with materials required, a few days before the hangout, so those interested could make sure they are prepared. I could also setup a poll that people could vote on patterns they would like to see. I have been tying flies for many years, but unfortunately, most of the patterns I know are limited to river and still water trout. Perhaps some other folks would be interested in teaching how to tie other patterns (Salmon, Bass, Pike, etc.)... Google+ hangouts are limited to 10 people, so everyone would need to sign up in advance. Is anyone interested?
  7. I use the Loon UV Knot Sense to coat my midges, and I have had great luck with it. Dries hard as a rock, and is not cloudy at all if you don't touch it while it's tacky. Personally, I cure them for way more than 6 seconds under a black light. Probably more like 1\2 an hour until its solid. Like someone said above, take them outside in the sun for a bit. They will be solid in no time.
  8. Thanks for all the replies! I actually just purchased 100 black tungsten beads, but I may pick up some of the powder paint for when I run out again!
  9. This is Jolie. She is a great dog, except when near water, or near squirrels, chipmunks, or basically anything that tries to get away from her. I fish almost everyday, and I feel terrible leaving her at home. I have taken her a total of about 5 times, and she runs around, jumps in the water, thinks my indicator is a toy that needs to be retrieved, etc. I have tried tying her up with a leash, but she cries, barks, and digs holes. I thought if I wear her out with a run before we go, and then when we get to where I fish, let her run around for an hour or so to get it out of her system, but that doesn't work. She still goes crazy, and I don't catch fish... What can I do to calm this dog down when I'm fishing? Normally, when there are no distractions, she responds very well to her clicker, and treats. I am always jealous of people that can fish with their dog sitting right next to them. There must be some secret that I am missing out on...
  10. I own the tool kit in the first picture http://www.cabelas.com/tools-vises-cabelas-standard-fly-tying-tool-kit.shtml It was given to me as a gift, and I have used it some. The stationary vise is of pretty good quality for being included in a $35 kit. The other tools seem pretty good as well.
  11. I have a ton of gold tungsten beads, but I have been using a lot of black ones lately. I was wondering if it is possible to paint the gold ones black. What should I use? I was thinking nail polish. Any ideas?
  12. I just picked up a Danvise two days ago! I tied up about 30 or so flies with it, size's 12-20, and it is great so far. Initially I was worried about the mostly plastic construction, but it seems to be just as solid as any.
  13. I built a bobbin holder out of a metal clothes hanger, some super glue, and a rubber band(not really necessary). I also built a material catcher from and old pillow case (any fabric would do), a metal clothes hanger, and super glue. Also, next to my whip finisher on the right, I made a magnetic hook-grabber/dubbing brush out of a nail file. This is my first post here, hopefully someone finds this useful.
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