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  1. some low fat minnows, have been on quite the carp kick this afternoon ill have to get some pictures of them soon!
  2. right handed in almost everything, volleyball,baseball,golf,writing,eating.. everthing except i fish with baitcasters left handed as thats how i learned and tying left handed from watching right handed people tie from the front then trying to replicate it when i started
  3. Something similar to a extra wide cheech leech, switched some stuff up though
  4. usually do my best with blacks with hints of red and orange or very dark greens with black
  5. mike, the movement out of them is awesome being all rabbit fur, gets a nice tapered profile while being stripped in, but flares up on the pauses with a slow sink to it definitely gonna have to start tying more of them in different sizes and colours
  6. Still tying up a bunch of these guys after my mistake with the "alternate" thread figured I could put one up on here
  7. Fooling around with some epoxy heads, never really done them and gotta say i really like em Rabbit minnow Red sided marabou minnow and a buck tail minnow
  8. was on my phone, it didnt show any of the topics since i was last on oops,
  9. Experimenting with some new styles of flies, made up a carp worm and some kind of shrimp I figured I could easily use for bass
  10. off to a good start, most of my flyfishing is for smallmouths up here in manitoba and that would definitely catch a fish. some flies i could recommend would be some foam gurglers, simple to tie and deadly in shallow water just need some chenile, rubber legs, foam and some kind of material for the tail just expiriment for your first couple flies, picture something and try and create it, it will never look like the plan but its a way of picking up new techniques and learning them on a fly with no set finished look so you are not comparing yourself. and always fish your flies! youd be suprised what a bronzeback will hit sometimes and its a great confidence booster! best of luck!
  11. a nice simple clouser is a good one and an effective fly almost anywhere! just make sure to keep the hair sparse
  12. same things that were said, bit more volume in the tail to try and surround the flash and start the chenille a bit farther back other then that it will definitely catch a fish!
  13. not sure whether mine would be a white bass on a bucktail streamer or a smallmouth on a dubbed body minnow pattern i madeup, either way it was just this spring
  14. Never forget the fish are the only critic that matters. I like the rubber band grub. Have you tried any with only the top coated to save that chewy grubby texture in the bottom? ill have to give that a try! i have done some with a very soft rubbery coating but cant get it to finish nice and clear and yes the fish are the critique but we are the ones who choose what to show to the fish and usually its only what we think is good enough
  15. my summer was all fishing and working and my vise got packed away, these definitely werent the firsts of each though haha
  16. no where near the level of most of you guys, but here are some i have to contribute some expirimenting with epoxy and rubber bands, has worked pretty well for me so far if i might say and a gurlger that i absolutely hammered some smallmouths on this summer
  17. tied up a bunch of stuff in the last week, very nice to get on the vice again here are some, mostly just expirimenting with hooks and materials though 1. fooling around with some epoxy and came up with this 2. some small muddlers with rabbit wich are deadly for trout around here 3-5. found a pack of sickle hooks and whipped up some stained water buggers and some quick bou' minnows with giant unweighted eyes 6-8 some gurglers for smallmouth, the brown one killed them last time out and the pike seemed to favour the red and yellow, which is pretty torn up as it is the only one they left me my largest smallmouth on a fly, caught on the brown gurgler from earlier in the year any critique is welcome
  18. ddh- diamond dub holographic leach, well known fly by a local tyer around here, i think he posted one in the pattern database made up some different mods today but no chance for pictures
  19. thanks all! i am really ecstatic to hear all the positive and people wanting to tie their own! ive only just started tying and i really enjoy it! hearing good reviews on some of my stuff feels great! planning on whipping up some new variations tomorrow will post results!
  20. kirk, yes it is stu thompson, i worked with him until recently and he is a very good tyer, learnt a whole lot in the short amount of time, but now he has moved on to work elsewhere hopefully i will meet up with him fishing sometime. also saw all the photos, they are top notch! also finally got some true rabbit fur dubbing and crytal dubbing to make some true ddh's and other patterns, been doing lots of expitimenting and tweeking with some they are starting to look like something a fish would really like
  21. i wouldnt mind getting in
  22. dubbing loop was the easiest way to do it! been doing more expirimenting with them, trimmed up one and added some scudback, makes a great crayfish! but i just started using dubbing loops and they are great! so many ways to tweak flies to your liking
  23. thanks! my second batch i did add more rubber and not just in the tail, i think they look awesome!
  24. thanks again kirk! i'll keep all of that in mind as well
  25. i also added some lead to some i tied with bead chain, but thatnks for the tip! i will keep that in mind
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