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  1. My wife brought me some buffalo fur from Elk Island park in Alberta a few years back she found some dirt patches where the buffalo like to roll around and there was a ton of hair. She couldn't help but notice how it looked alot like what I use for tying flies so she brought some back. Sure enough when she got home and gave it to me it looks just like polar bear dubbing but not translucent. I've used as dubbing on small black stoneflies and on some larger steelhead flies.
  2. Got my flies Friday. Awesome job everyone these are some pretty great looking flies now if only I could find some time to try them out. Thanks for hosting a great swap Professori. Thanks Bead Head
  3. Hey Prof don't worry those look like nice little flies and I wouldn't mind having a few of them Thanks Bead Head
  4. Count me in. I guess I can do two coho swaps that should leave my box set for the season. Thanks Bead Head
  5. I'm out on Vancouver Island and this would definitley interest me. Just give me a heads up if its actually going to happen. Thanks Bead Head
  6. I'm in. It will be nice to tie some trout flies as all I've been tying lately are steelhead flies. When are these flies going to be due? Thanks Bead Head
  7. I'm having troubles enter this fly into the database. Once I have everything typed out and all the required feilds filled in and I hit submit fly it doesn't do any thing am I missing something? thanks Bead Head
  8. Just thought I'd post some pics of some winter steelhead flies I'll be using this year: Squamish Poacher Lingrens Indispensable Inruder Black Gp Thanks Bead Head
  9. :headbang: These are some awesome flies guys just got them yesterday and they going straight into my Skagit river box these babies are going catch me some fine rainbows this summer :headbang: thanks to everyone Bead Head :yahoo:
  10. Got my flies last friday I just didn't post anything until now. Thanks to everyone these are some great flies :headbang: Thanks Majestyja for picking up this swap it was awesome Bead Head
  11. Yay I got my flies I received a package inside a package inside another package that contained a package of flies from Kerusso yesterday. The flies are awesome and I cant wait to use them I already have a river selected to try these beuties out. I still can't belive how small the Zebra midges are they hurt my eyes when I look at them. I also got a nicely machined key chain good see other machinists out there using there talents for good and not evil anyways thanks again BFR for hosting this ans thanks Kerusso for the awesome flies. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all Thanks Bead Head
  12. I got my flies yesterday : :headbang: what great set I can't wait to fish these. Thanks for hosting Justin and thanks to everyone for the great flies. Bead Head
  13. Flies hit the mail today thanks Bead Head
  14. I still need an addy if anyone has it please PM me thanks Bead Head
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