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  1. they are great for making longer collars on deer hair bugs, also as toppings on bucktails for a subdued contrast.
  2. ^^ Looks like a great Hendrikson nymph imitation.
  3. Looks good, maybe leave a hair collar next time. Legs could be longer. By learning to stack rather than spin you will get a denser more tightly packed body.
  4. I like my Renzetti Master, but will someday like to tie on a Law. Both are "good" vices.
  5. I use an intermediate line most of the time. During high water I have a sink tip line that gets some use. Both are orvis lines, the sink tip is a streamer stripper.
  6. 5 inch articulated marabou and zonker sculpin
  7. Arent they similar too a sculpin?
  8. Sticky wax, don't be scared of it.
  9. 20 + inches of snow forcasted for the next 4 days...sigh, this will probally be last post for a few days as I will be glued to my plow truck. Enjoy
  10. 2/0 Rabbit strip diver on Partridge Predator hook
  11. These are headed to Oregon to one of our members. 2/0 sulking sculpins on partridge predator hooks.
  12. Looks good...the hook eye is a bit crowed but it will fish fine. Good job
  13. Here in the N.E I have had luck fishing for them right after ice out. I am primarily fishing for landlocks but a fish is a fish. I use streamers that imitate smelt. My fav is the magog smelt and nine three. If you have a kayak you could troll tandom streamer which is very effective.
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