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  1. I bought some of that wire myself. I find it a bit heavy, but works fine for size 10 and up?
  2. 15 or not all of these questions can be answered by doing simple searches using the many search engines available. This seems more to be a case of how many questions can I post on the boards
  3. I have a few sets of them, they never see the light of day.
  4. Instead of critiqueing your fly I will share some other observations. You have a good eye for proportion no matter if it floats or sinks. Getting material on the hook and having it stay where you put it shows you have developed thread control. As it has been stated here hundreds of times. Get your fundamentals down first. I would recommend starting with the wooly bugger or wooly worm. Keep at it.
  5. They look very similar to Amherst pheasant tippet. Would make a good sub for shoulders on the the ghost series maybe?
  6. High of 7 degrees here today, daydreaming of spring with a Sulkin Sculpin fresh outta the vice.
  7. I once had a large hook in the vice tying tandom streamers, a magog smelt or nine three, anyways I reached across my table over the vice and sank that hook into my arm by my arm pit pinning me to the vice. Gritted my teeth and pulled back opisit(sp?) way to free myself.
  8. Are you tying tinsel in at the head and wrapping down and back or tying tinsel in at the bend and just wrapping up?
  9. Is there any chance there is a burr or cut in your bobbin?
  10. Hendriksons, Blue Quills, Baetis, Sulphers, Black caddis, Apple caddis. End of June, Tan caddis, Cream caddis, Potamanthus, Iso's, Grey fox's and always a large selection of Rusty spinners. All of these are tied with custom dubbing blends for the Battenkill, Walloomsac, and Mettowee rivers. They are also mostly tied as comparaduns and emergers. I fish no catskill style flies.
  11. Inspired by Pat Cohens Hot-butt toad. Tied on a Gamakatzu 7/0 circle hook, double weed guards.
  12. PT I cant wait to see your take on our east coast hatches. As I am a frequent visiter to your blog.
  13. Adams,Elk hair caddis, Lead wing coach man, Micky fin
  14. 5/0 Purple slider on Orvis Pike/ Musky hook
  15. Sounds like a very cool idea. I have been playing around tying large micro barb streamers and would love to share them. I'd be game for either swap. I'll keep an eye on this thread.
  16. You came too the right place, welcome
  17. A little deer hair play and some articulated streamers, peanut envy, cowbell, a few s dungeons, zoo cougar and a mikes meal ticket in clown colors.
  18. I have a similar issue on my master. If I loosen the tension screw to allow for free rotation , the horizontal "piece" gets a sloppy play in it. Maybe I need to send it back to renzetti?
  19. My favs are Whiting and Hebert. The Heberts I have were bought many years ago so I don't know if they are still available. Obviously the thin stems and spring steel like barbs are are a huge selling point but I have also aquired some great barred gingers and crees so the colors are great too. I have a large selection of Metz too, purchased in the late 90's. Im not so fond of these but still find uses for the lower quality hackle. I have heard that the metz quality has improved but have not yet tried them again. My wife has placed a trade embargo on my "fishing room". As far as cape vs. saddles I like them both equally. Hope this is pertinent iformation for your study. Tight lines, Bill
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