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  1. The Hoosic River has some great carp fishing thru Pownal. Its southern Vermont but if your ever down this way its worth it, Ive had the best luck behind the old tannery.
  2. I love your photos but I really love to see flies again, very inspirational.
  3. Nice looking flies, if you ever make it over to the Battenkill hit me up. Im always looking for someone to fish with.
  4. I have found that the thread head outlasts the body of the fly anyway. My flies just get a whip finish and good to go. On a side note, mabe flat dental floss would be a more accurate inspection? Just a thought.
  5. Here in southern Vt the Battenkill, Walloomsac and Mettowee rivers are really rolling too. Still no Hendriksons, a few sporadic blue quills.
  6. Lol..yeah if you build on both left and right sides. I figure you will outgrow storage, we all do.
  7. Hair or no hair that is a beautiful tie. We don't have hairy legged stoneflies here either...lol
  8. Can you post a pic? Could be the quality of the bucktail itself. Could be many things.. It will probally fish fine.
  9. I believe from my experience that the crinklely snoeshoe hair also traps air bubbles and that is what gives it its floatabiliy, Not so much natural oils. I have also heard that cold dyeing does not damage material as much.
  10. Anyone know what is up with the snow shoe rabbit foot shortage? Ive been to fly shops in NH,VT and NY, no dun rabbits feet, no one can give an answer to why they cant get them. I wonder if this is the new hackle fad we had to suffer thru. What else could they be doing with them,lol.
  11. Articulated Hog Heifner and Boogieman streamers. Kelly Galloup patterns
  12. Leaving for Ga. in 6 weeks. had to switch from tying hendriksons, blue quills etc. to redfish and speckled trout ties. Made the dubbing brushes myself, hopefully it fools something to thinking it a small blue crab. Any input on patterns would be much appreciated.
  13. Pan seared scallops with bacon a splash of maple syrup and heavy cream
  14. Nah just a "by eye" measurement. Some of it was bought at the clearance outlet so maybe it was mismarked. Either way it will be used.
  15. St. Simonds Scampi. Hopefully get into some redfish or speckled trout in a few weeks
  16. While at Orvis this afternoon picking up some materials, I grabbed several spools of ultra wire, one being large black for some copper johns I will be tying. When I got home I compared it to some stuff I already had. Anyways it was smaller in diameter then a spool of medium amber, both being utc. Lesson being don't trust what it is marked as, look at it too.
  17. Will the fishing be any good by the second week in April? I will be there for a week. trying to decide if I should bring a fly rod along. I have a 8 wt I use here in the NE for stripers.
  18. And Hebert necks are crème de la crème. I bought a bunch of them 20 years ago when I was young, single, and had money to blow. Anyways that's a nice neck to have.
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