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  1. lol that's too funny but true lol
  2. It would be easier for you to google it or look on youtube.
  3. I recently purchaced a bug bond kit, same results, tacky finish. But it is fun to work with.
  4. very nice...look much better, id fish them.
  5. They are awful cute but all I can think of is open choke and a life time supply. lol
  6. Very nice ties....I will have to add some of those to my boxes before the season. Thanks for link w/SbS.
  7. I use comparaduns made with a hackle wing, no lemon woodduck or hackle points etc...I catch plenty of finicky browns here on the Battenkill. Infact they outfish catskill type patterns 10/1.For caddis I use a Hair caddis, again no wing.
  8. I think footage quality is fine. Video had good clear sound. SbS great.
  9. I would bring vice scissors bodkin. im guessing mats will be supplied and any tools you will need. Where will you be attending?
  10. Is the underbody formed from the chenille or is it dubbed?
  11. Id like to join. Pattern to be decided tomorrow. Just got home from work and brain is spent right now.lol
  12. Maybe we should give up on him or come up with an alternate plan?
  13. Yes , early mornings and evenenings are the ticket. I forgot to mention the mettowee river is also a great river to fish. The rainbows are always cooperative and much less river traffic. I prefer to wade and think it is a little more stealthy. Long 6x leaders are the secret, also hackle wing spinners outfish poly wings.
  14. I live in arlington and within walking distance of the Battenkill. There are no green drakes on the kill but many other hatches. A good selection of caddis paterns should be in your boxes. Elk hair work well along with my favorite the vt hair caddis in asst. colors and sizes 12- 20. Spinner falls in the evening can produce some amazing fishing. These should be imatated with rusty or mahogany spinners 10-22. Depending on weather you may also find sulphurs in the afternoons or evenings.These are best imatated with 14-18 comparaduns. Hope this helps, pm me if you have any more questions or river updates closer to your trip. Tight lines, Bill
  15. can i join this will be my first swap? fly to be "carpnasty".
  16. Great flies! A SBS would be outstanding. I look forward to your posts whenever i log on. You are a true artist.
  17. Looks like craft fur and some saddle hackle too me then colored with markers.
  18. There was a thread awhile back ago about them. From what i understood its part of the program but is not used and is only visible to you on your own account.
  19. I have been using an old PM-10 908 for all my "heavy fishing". Pike, Bass, redfish, stripers, blues, sometimes im a little under gunned and somtimes over but the 8 wt is a great all rounder for me.
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