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  1. brumat

    Cheap Ott Lights

    When the men outnumber the women at a Jo-Anne store, now that is a scary thought.
  2. I know alot of fisherman are missing the boat by not fishing Hellgramite patterns, especially for Smallmouth.
  3. Hey FCFLYGUY, were did you catch that one? Nice fish for Armstrong County.
  4. Do you fish the Upper Allegheny? Haven't been on it for a number of years and wonder how it's doing. Great stream.
  5. Hello from central Pa, land of the LittleJ.
  6. Sure looks like you like it. Got that post count up rather nicely. I'm working on mine.
  7. brumat


    hello from central Pa, sort of.
  8. Hello from Cambria County although I prefer to live in Centre.
  9. How could you be new and get the name Royal Coachman? Wow!
  10. Hello from a fellow Pennsyltuckian.
  11. I've seen many newly stocked trout do that with absolutely no signs of hatching insects. Perhaps they are just enjoying being out of the confines of the hatchery and stocking truck.
  12. Sure hope I don't have to remember all that, lol.
  13. brumat


    That's funny. I can remember my father and I in that same capacity.You get over it pretty quick once you realize how effective they are.
  14. I can't wait another 15 years here. I'll travel to them if I know where they're going to be.
  15. I would certainly add browns and rainbows to the species list. I'm sure I could catch a few with those.
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