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  1. You can also buy the door hanger foam at the local Dollar Tree stores in North Carolina......
  2. Yes..I have contacted DRO and I ask that everyone spread the word on any local forum. Thanks.........
  3. I have found a fly box belonging to S. Brady on the davidson river N.C....it was found on the trail below the combat section at the hatchery. I cannot make out the faded phone number and have tried multiple guesses to no avail. Contact me here and I will mail it direct.
  4. Hello all...I have been tying on and off for about 40 years on an old thompson look alike hand-me-down. My children have just given me a new rotary vice...things sure have changed....I have come to this forum to learn some new tying techniques....I mainly fish for trout smallmouth and bream......thanks to all........
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