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  1. i grew up in maine and we have saying up there in regards to the snowbirds, if you cant handle the winter you dont deserve the summer.
  2. love the pictures, makes me miss my home state
  3. im glad you got them. i didnt even think about the two hook thing.i just thought the name gave it a bad rep. plus i had a lot of b10's kicking around
  4. im in. ill tie up some sex dungeon streamers. dont think i really have to explain why this pattern fits this swap.
  5. mikechell considering at least 90% of the scientific community associates as atheist or agnostic, i think your statement that many in the scientific community considers the first 7 days of creation to be 2 billion years long, to be bull****. most of the scientific community does not feel the need to pander to the religous,and try to make compromises so both world views are correct.
  6. hey mikechell, brush up on your pop culture. seth mcfarlane, the xp of cosmos is not a graphic novelist, that would be todd mcfarlane.seth mcfarlane is the guy who created family guy, american dad, ted, a million ways to die in the west among other works. sorry about letting my nerd out.
  7. Try using white bucktail or white marabou for the wing on the black ghost. I've caught many more fish on these variants over the hackle wing version.
  8. i will be moving down to southern md in a couple of months for work and have been researching the area extensively. there are quite a few parks with lakes in that area. go to google maps and look for parks around there and then google the park. pretty good info. mostly warmwater stuff in this area. good luck
  9. phg- carrie stevens was not targeting smallmouth bass up in the rangeley area, she was targetting landlocked salmon and to a lesser extent, brook trout. the reason for the 8-10xl hooks was for imitating rainbow smelt, the prevelant baitfish in the area which can grow quite long. these days a lot of people using tandem streamers which gives you the length and lets you use 2 normal streamer hooks.
  10. good eye, it is baxter. i grew up in cumberland county, southern maine, so the park was still a 4 hour drive north for us. hence "northern" maine
  11. Hey everyone, These were taken on a camping trip to Northen Maine last June. It does not get much better than this, native brookies surrounded by these beautiful mountains.
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