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  1. I have been fishing furled leaders from Feathercraft and theirs come with a micro ring to attach the tippet to. Much easier and last longer than the loop to loops I have used.
  2. I live just down from where the Gasconade and Big Piney rivers converge and the Goggle Eyes here will take anything a SMB will take. Just get it near structure, rocks and layovers, and, hold on as they all think they weigh 10 lbs not 5 oz. Bonus is you also catch some nice smallies too!
  3. To me they are nearly exactly the same, except for price. Actually I think the EP fibers are 'brighter" if that makes sense. Some of the Congo hair has a dull sheen, but if that is what you want then they are a better choice. Be carefull with tying on too much, easy to do. Also, after you tye and trim, hold your fly under Hot running water, this will set the hair and keep it from flaring out the first time it gets wet.
  4. You really shouldn't use superglue for a tip. They make a glue stick that you heat with a flame, smear it on the rod tip and slip the new tip over it. That is why you can remove the old broken piece. Comes in a kit with extra tip tops at Cabelas, Basspro etc. well worth putting in your tackle box, vest, for emergency repairs on stream.
  5. Small streams, small dry flies, minimal tackle for brook trout is the best, but alas I live in Missouri so the best locally is river small mouth on rubber legged poppers, what a hoot!
  6. Chest pack or just the pocket in my waders when I wade or kayak fish. Fish mostly from a jet boat and have found the best thing in the world for organization is clear plastic shoe boxes with tops that latch on. 2 bucks a piece, they fit underdeck and float well if you leave the top latched.
  7. Mustad 90%, Gamakatsu for bass stinger hooks, and whatever is on sale.
  8. UTC 140. Strong, silky, spin it to tie flat or round.
  9. Started on a Cabela's Master vice out of a kit. Actually a very good vice and comes with 3 jaws. Now use a Peak. Need to get the midge jaws.
  10. Metal, 90% of the time. They are cheap so I can have many thread colors ready to go.
  11. I looked at an Oasis then build my own. When a middle of the road Oasis (Fly Factory) went on sale at Cablea's I snatched it up. Worth every penny. Came with little bottles to hold hooks etc.
  12. Since you plan on fishing ponds, try tying some foam spiders, poppers, gurglers, etc. anything that floats with legs. Nothing more fun than having a bass or big ole gill trying to pull the rod out of your hands. When you get ready to fish salt/brackish water the same flies tied bigger will work great. BTW the Bass Pro in Hanover has a pretty decent fly shop, have fun!
  13. I have had the Peak for about 8 years and tie all but the really small stuff with the standard jaws.
  14. My experience is if you wait for a sale and buy last years tippet, stay away from the mono and stock up on fluoro. Frog Hair (Gamma) is the exception for mono, it seems to last.
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