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  1. I bought the Veniards Deluxe material kit as a gift for someone just starting out and it was a decent buy for the quality and quantity of materials.. I do however agree with others that you are best To just buy each material as you need it. If you have a fly shop near by you can likely get double the materials buying individually than you would in a kit.
  2. Wow thats incredible.. i couldnt even imagine trying to reel in a fish that size
  3. Bruce.. the frog looks great.. The bass will inhale that thing
  4. Thats what my tying benches looked like before my basement flooded twice this past winter and destroyed most of my materials and without flood insurance (25yrs and never a flood so never thought to buy flood insurance).. might take a lifetime but ill be a material horder once again. Lol
  5. I'd be interested if this does happen.. a few years ago there was a couple boxes going around unfortunately one box went missing long before it made it my direction and the other box some took all the quality items from it and replaced with a bunch of cheap crap. Sadly it is difficult to trust people these days and there is always that one person who ruins it for the rest. Maybe we could have one person/swap meister who we each would send say a selection of minimum $20 worth of extra materials plus return postage costs. And then that person takes everything and makes an assorted "grab bag" for each swapper. I do understand that one person may end up with a pack of hooks, some beads, 2 spools of thread and some mallard flank where another may get say an Indian cock neck and a couple spools of tinsel. However for me it would not only be a surprise but a chance to possibly add something I don't have to my sadly small collection of materials.. I would offer to be swap meister but I'm pretty sure I don't qualify yet.. but maybe someone here has the time for such an undertaking? Just a thought..
  6. Flyninho-- Do you have some affiliation with that Popper company because nearly every post I've seen from you across many sections of the forums has been you recommending their promo kit? I apologize if I'm wrong however it just seems a bit odd how often you make the same suggestion to purchase this kit and to be honest it does not seem like a very reputable company. I personally would not recommend to anyone buying from a company based in Thailand that almost exclusively advertises on sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  7. My first fly was a scary looking fluff of fur on a hook... your looks like a perfectly fishable fly to me.. in the water it would look no different than a fly tied to perfect proportions.
  8. Flytire-- What is the material used for the tail on your Fort Wayne bucktail fly on the first page? thanks
  9. My Christmas box arrived this morning.. what a great surprise it was. I've ordered them in the past however this year he included a lot of the newer products and colors that he has been working on. Way more materials than I will be able to use in the next year or three.
  10. i actually managed to grab the last Christmas box on Oct 26th and was shipped same day. looking forward to checking out all the new materials hes added this year.. I was lucky as I had forgetten to reserve mine this year and when I checked the website they were available to purchase already and I was going to get one for a gift however only 1 was left available.
  11. Those are some nice brooches. On a side note, Does anyone on here sell flies tied on brooches? I've always wanted a nice brooch fly for special occasions however, I lack the tying skill required for such an endeavour. I'm still learning the tail and body techniques on classics.. have yet to even try married wings..
  12. Has anyone purchased these Bucktails? I'm in need of Bucktails in several different colors as I'm in the process of re-purchasing materials so I can get back into tying more frequently. I'm on a tight budget and would prefer only to buy within canada to save on cost of shipping... Most online shops list bucktail from 10.99 upto 17.99. I found some from LureMaking.com for $6.49 each. However I would like to know whether I've found a good deal or a good price/bad quality type situation?
  13. I have tried the glue gun method in the past. I don't recall them turning out very round. I will see about finding the correct color glue sticks and maybe give it another try. I have been away from the tying bench for a few years now. So I'm sort of re learning alot of techniques and tricks again. I'm just getting back into it again now that I can afford to start re-purchasing materials after an unforseen storage accident..
  14. I do use egg Yarn patterns quite often however I've had alot of success with a realistic looking egg pattern fly tied by a local fly company.. I altered the ones I had to suite my needs this past winter but I would like to tie a few dozen before fall steelie season.. It requires 3mm or 4mm rubber eggs in a hot orange or salmon color.. I would prefer to buy within canada as I wouldn't be purchasing enough to offset the cost of international shipping.. Any reviews, suggestions or help is always appreciated. thanks
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