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  1. the technique I think you are referring to is hackle stacking. Its a damn cool technique
  2. This is a very arrogant statement! Servers at restaurants rely on tips to make a living...if you don't want to tip someone for waiting on you then you need to eat at home my man! Now that that is out of the way, there are a lot of personal expenses being a guide, the fly shop doesn't pay for anything but the license... a guide has to have his own boat, his own rods, his own flies, has to buy and prepare the clients food and pays for the transportation. This is just my two cents.
  3. Shoot! Hopefully you donated my extra flies as well, I haven't been checkin in much since I sent my flies in.
  4. addy please! I will have them to you by the end of the week.
  5. I am about a week out. Sorry guys the snow has been way too good here in Jackson... but don't tell anyone
  6. that would be me haha I must have forgotten to put my username on the tags. sorry about that!
  7. Almost done. I have 4 sets complete and expect to have them in the mail by the end of the week! Sorry it has been a crazy last month!
  8. I am about half done. Should be in the mail shortly.
  9. Nobody has really answered your question. It sounds like you want specific casting advice for heavy flies and not just how to cast better. First thing first, can you double haul? On heavy flies you definitely need to wait until the fly has reached the farthest point during the backcast and then there is a moment when the streamer loads the rod. At this moment when there is no slack in the line you will want to start the forward cast (preferably a double haul). If you have a lot of water behind, it helps to let the streamer hit the water on the backcast as well, this also loads the rod. I hope this helps with casting your heavy and larger flies. I feel each type of fly has a different casting stroke and tempo.
  10. First off congrats! Unfortunately I can't stand photos where people take the fish out of the water and lay it on the ground. Unless you are planning on killing the fish, this is a very very bad habit. I sure hope you don't do that to trout in the summer! Just my opinion.
  11. after reading all the responses I feel everyone enjoys the "adventure". by adventure I mean having the ability to make your own choice, then experiencing your own outcome,and(my personal opinion) is essentially what every human strives for. and after trail and error we find success! Life and Living are two different things and once you discover what makes you feel alive, things become much less complicated and you stop focusing on materialistic shit. As dumb as that may sound . P.S. Great topic Mike! This has opened my eyes to quite a bit!
  12. I agree the hook set is a magical moment and probably one of the most satisfying feelings I have ever had. It is a complete sense of accomplishment. I go out day after day because fly fishing is one of the rare moments in my life when I feel am I actually applying myself 110% to the task at hand. It allows me to tap into a part of my brain that I am unable to during the work week. I wouldn't define it as escaping reality but more or less entering a primal mind set and truly living in the moment, which is extremely rare in this day and age.
  13. allows me to live in the moment just like snowboarding
  14. san juan worm or any worm variation.
  15. Isn't a sedge basically a caddis fly?
  16. Im interested. Are there specific patterns we would tie or is that up to us?
  17. Got em... Thanks Blane for hosting and for the altoids container!
  18. I also sent 12 cdc caddis pupa but looks like they didnt make it. I dont think I'll be receiving any flies on this one. oh well.
  19. Haven't received anything as of yet
  20. sounds like you guys with bad experiences need to move out west.
  21. No my box got crushed! I thought that might happen and I totally spaced on a return envelope... I am very sorry for that. I was leaving town and wanted to send them before I left but it is not an excuse. Won't happen again guys.
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