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  1. Well I tried Dumbell eyes on some old hooks I bought out of the odd ball box behind the counter today. There were not any bass bug hooks around but these old Mustad 3161's in a size 6 with an off centered hook point had a larger than average gape. Plus I think because of the twist on the hook it may make the fly that much more erratic.
  2. I'm thinking about tying some double bunnies with DB eyes. I was thinking about it the other day and I saw some videos. Should I tie them hook point up or down? I asked the same question in a Facebook group but the response I had was with DB eyes you have to tie hook point up. I don't believe this is correct. Can't you tie the eyes on the other side of the hook too? I'm thinking I will likely tie these hook point up, and should I use Extra weight on the shank? Thanks in advance for any feedback provided. -T
  3. I started fly fishing three years ago, and fell in love. Initially I thought wow I spend a ton on all these flies I am always losing! The following year I started tying. The good news is I hardly ever lose flies anymore, and I tie so many I have to give some away.
  4. You got me. this is precisely what I was talking about. Palmering the zonker strip around the shank. I did not have any cross cut strips though so I used standard zonkers in purple, and olive, then some pine squirrel zonker strips, which turned out looking more like a mouse. LOL. They looked all right but I found that it I left the eyes a little further back and ran two more wraps ahead of the eye the palmered hair helped smooth out the gap in fur that occurs while wrapping the DB eyes. Thanks!
  5. How does one get these right? I tie in the eyes, and then start with the tail. Glue the shank and wrap forward stroking back hair. Do I X wrap the DB eyes and then get another wrap or two around the shank before the eye? It looks alriht when I do it this way but I was wondering how others approach this type of fly. I will try and get some pics up soon. And if your zonker comes up short it seems, like there is no way to restart another and make it look right. Any advice? Thanks, T~
  6. I do not believe it is kevlar. I bought some black kevlar and I hate it! I notice if there is ever an uncalculated drop or bumb of the bobbin the thread loosens up, It practically unwinds half way down the hook. IT REALLY TORQUES ME! So I just don't torture myself with it any more.
  7. So I bought a large lot of tying materials and tools a while back to get me started tying. The draw back was there all all kinds of materials and stuff I've had trouble identifying. My question is.... I have this thread that I have been using occasionally that is awesome. It has no label on the spool, but it seems like a very waxy, flat single strand. It is very strong. Any ideas what I could be talking about? I think I would like to find it in other colors for tying different patterns. If you have any ideas as to what I am using I'm very interested in finding out. Thanks, T~
  8. Good for you! I hope it is exactly what you are looking for! At this point I wouldn't give up my rotary feature for anything, but to each their own. I'm biding my time on the Renzetti Traveler. After Christmas I'm hoping, but I do need some wading boots pretty badly too, so we'll see what Santa brings me. T~
  9. Up here in New England we have three types of trout currently, (Well four if you count the tiger trout hybrids, but....), Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. What are your favorite flies for each species of trout. I hav noticed distinctly more effective flies for each species. Brook trout in my findings seem to prefer deer hair or elk hair, such as stimulators, elk hair caddis and even deer hair streamer patterns like the Mickey Finn. To further add to my findings, I have noticed that the color orange particularly attracts them. Rainbows I have had the most luck personally with streamer patterns like wood duck herons, and well wooly buggers being fished like a streamer. And on warmer days when the actions slows to a still letting a BH zebra midge sway into the riffles seems to bring them in. Brown's well I have only caught two in the two and half years I have been fly fishing, and I have concluded they like olive wooly buggers fished inthe nymph fashion really slow. So how about you what sort of fish do you target and which flies do you find most effective?
  10. I will work on that. Thanks!
  11. Thank you! The stone fly is a pattern I saw a friend had tied once. I only saw it in his box, but I was certain I could mimic it. This was the second one. The first looked like an anorexic version so I only posted this one. I was really impressed with the black ghost. It isn't a hard fly to tie, but I did it pretty small and it still looks pretty darn proportionate. Thanks again! T~
  12. Well come to find out an acquaintance of mine is a Nor Vise dealer, so I may get to try one out sometime soon. However the vise I tie on now is a knock of of the Renzetti traveler, and I tried a a genuine Renzetti today, and I think my mind is solidly made up at this point. I have to tell you I cannot wait to try a Nor Vise, but the Renzetti was seriously nice and had a seriously reasonable price tag. I can get the vise and a new pair of Simm's boots for less than I was thinking about dropping on the Nor Vise with all of its extras. T~
  13. So here are some I threw together today. Remember I have only been at it about a year or so. Their not perfect, but I think they'll catch some fish. T~ Well most were today but two were from a week ago.
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