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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew of any patterns that are working right now or any current hatches? I will be going in two weeks to the smokies in Gatlinburg and would love any information. I went last year and did well off of size 14 bh gold ribbed hares ear nymphs. thanks, Matt McK
  2. awesome thanks so much for the information. If you do not mind me asking what is the name of the pattern of those flies?
  3. Im going to the keys next month and was wondering if this fly would work. What can I do to make this fly better and any other information would be appreciated. Looking for honest opinions if the fly is terrible tell me. I will not be offended. Thanks, Matt
  4. Thanks for the info. I will definitely ask him.
  5. What size flies should I be tying. Can I go as small as size 16 because I will use those on the Caney fork as well and could save time or do I need to tie size 12 and 14s? Thanks Matt
  6. Just wondering anyones opinion. I am looking for a fly rod to use on the smoky mountains. Right now I have a 5 weight sage one rod that I use for the Caney Fork River, but I am looking for something a little lighter especially since I will be fishing the smokies. I would also like to be able to use this rod on larger rivers such as the Caney Fork. Also something in the range of up to 400 dollars would be nice. Any opinions? thanks, Matt
  7. Love the flies especially the heads. How hard is the sculpin wool to work with and is that craft fur for the tail? -Matt
  8. Just obtained a crease fly cutter and here is my first fly. Please help me with any tips or advice. Thanks
  9. Thanks can't wait to try it out. I will definitely try a brown and white.
  10. I saw a congo hair mullet on the site and was attempting to recreate it since I just purchased a bunch of congo hair from fly tyers dungeon. Here is the
  11. so I have the stencils to make gill patterns and dots but whenever I place them on the popper and airbrush over them, the paint smears and the dots do not come out well any suggestions?
  12. I was attempting to recreate smartt's glass minnow but with a bulkier profile. Also what colors would be most effective using a marker to color the top of the fly?
  13. Any tips or suggestions? The fly is made to resemble the generic baitfish using ice dubbing and craft fur. Hoping to try it on false albacore but need suggestions and opinions. Thanks
  14. Have not thought about that but it definitely would look good if you can find the right colors. The body is ep streamer brush and the legs are ep silky fibers tied in a knot. Send me a picture if you make one with blue crab color scheme
  15. Sorry for the poor picture quality as well
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