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  1. Thank you all for the replies. Sounds like from the links posted that $1.50-$2.00 per jig head is around a fair market price. Appreciate the input and I'll just order the jig heads from the place where I originally saw them. Thanks again!
  2. Hmmm. Trouble posting a pic from phone. Hopefully I pulled it off this time.
  3. Not exactly a fly in the classic sense, but Im preparing for a trip where Ill get the chance to chase bonefish. I have plenty of classic bonefish flies tied up, but I also wanted to give my son the option to give it a try with his spin rod. As such, I was looking for jigs that would work on the flats for bones and found the attached lure. It occurred to me that this pretty similar to the flies Ive tied, just on a jig head. Any advice on a place that sells a similar jig head? The place I found that wants $2 per head or $7 per complete lure which seems pricey. Id prefer to buy a dozen raw jig heads and paint and tie them myself. Anyone know where I could find a similarly shaped jig head? Looking something in the 1/4 to 1/2 oz head. Also, anyone want to take a stab at the recipe or have advice on the differences for tying on a jig head instead of the typical salt hooks I use would be most welcome.
  4. I don't have biots that color nor those hooks. Might try to modify to use olive dubbing with a yellow thread rib and tie on a #10 2xl dry fly hook. Will post a pic when I get it done.
  5. I like that pattern Jaydub. Thanks. Looks like a moose hair tail tied off the thorax? Olive grizzly hackle, parapost wing post, olive dry fly dubbing and an olive biot body? Any guess on size for this pattern? I was guessing a 10 or 12?
  6. Thanks - good tip. Hadn't made the connection that they were out there. They have a good looking Nymph pattern I'll tie up. Still looking for emerger / dun patterns... default plan will be big comparaduns in olive but looking for something more specific if anyone has one that works well!
  7. I'm going to have an opportunity to fish the Provo river near Salt Lake City next month - likely the third week of June. My understanding is that there is a decent chance of encountering a hatch of the Western Green Drake. A quick web search yielded a few suggestions, but I thought I'd ask here... Does anyone with knowledge of this hatch and/or the middle Provo river have particular patterns they like for fishing the river during middle June? Any patterns in particular to tie up for a possible green drake hatch? I've fished the green drake / coffin fly hatch out here in the East, but my understanding is that we're talking a different bug. Thanks!
  8. Matte Tungsten beads https://fireholeoutdoors.com/firehole-stones/
  9. Id probably set them aside for a rubber worm (if Im being honest.)
  10. Might be too late - but just got back from an August trip out there. Fished the Yellowstone, Madison, Soda Butte Creek and Snake. Highlight had to be Soda Butte Creek in Yellowstone. Terrestrials are the name of the game (think foam) although we also did well on Parachute Adams, droppers and a big 'ol streamer. Most effective fly on the Madison was something they called a "Chili Stone" - basically and smaller Chubby Chernobyl. Here's a link to the fly pattern: Chili Stone Fishing in Yellowstone requires a separate permit - and felt is banned. Here's a shot of my son with one of the nicer Yellowstone Cutthroats he caught:
  11. Recognize this isn't the approach for everyone, but I ended up buying three of the larger versions off Competitive Angler. Really loving how I can compactly store dubbing in these. Between the three holders I have 75 full packets of dubbing nicely organized in my drawer. Here's some images so you can get an idea on size:
  12. Thanks! I did see that one but its out of stock. Was hoping to avoid the waiting list.
  13. Anyone seen empty dispensers like this for sales in the US: Here's an overseas spot selling empty ones: https://shop.goflyfish.cz/en/fly-tying/136-dubbing-dispenser-empty-case.html I can only find full ones in the US. Like the design as it's nice and compact but don't really see the need to pay for overseas shipping for a plastic set of tubes... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Clean and sanded all my cork handles - they look great! Sealed one of them. All descriptions were accurate. I like the velvet like feel of the non sealed cork, so I think I'll hold off on sealing the others. Thanks everyone!
  15. Absolutely! Plan was use Magic Eraser / 220 grit sand paper to get it "like new" and then seal. Jump in if that sounds misguided.
  16. Thanks to everyone who responded. I think Jill try it on one of my older rods and see what I think.
  17. I've always seen and tied this with a shorter tail - more like half a shank length. Personal preference I suppose... Nice video.
  18. Acquired a new rod and noticed how much nicer the new cork is when compared to some of my old nasty handles. Now I have to clean all my old handles. Figured I'd also fill some of the holes that have developed over time. I was considering sealing the cork after I freshen them up with something like the U-40 Cork Sealer. However, I'd like to now how it effects the cork. I like the soft somewhat absorbent nature of the natural cork. If I seal it, will it get hard and feel like it has a coat of poly or something on it?
  19. Wow - thats an impressively specific answer! Thanks.
  20. Any guess what kind of feather this is? Seen on a trail while mountain biking in MA.
  21. Thanks for the replies - spent some time last night looking through the other options you both mentioned. Feels like the Fly Craft raft is still the ideal compromise between price and function - others are either more expensive, heavier or don't offer the same functionality. I'm having a good time envisioning taking my son on float trips with just the two of us.
  22. Anyone ever used one of these? Saw two guys in one a couple weeks ago on the upper West Branch of the Delaware and have been fascinated since. Smaller boats seems light (<100lbs) portable and very functional. https://www.flycraftusa.com/ I'd love any firsthand reviews and/or suggested alternatives that provide a similar level of function!
  23. Thanks Mike, only about a hundred Canadian dollars each! Might have to take up whittling? For the record, I paid a small fraction of what those were priced at. I'd check a local cabinet / kitchen store.
  24. Thanks! I bought the fish pulls at a local shop that just sells cabinetry hardware. Outside Boston, happy to share details if that's close to you. otherwise, should be a similar store near you that mainly focuses upon selling to the trade. It was a special order that took around 6 weeks to arrive. Woodwork was done by a local cabinet maker. I'm also an amateur - this was beyond my ability and available time. I also didn't have access to the raw materials - it's Walnut which is tough to find in decent sized clean boards in my area.
  25. Indeed! Perfect use for it. Prefer a glass or can for beer.
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