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  1. Completely agree. Thanks for the tip and really like the looks of that fly.
  2. I use several brands like many here. I prefer the Allen barbless hooks. Very high quality for the price.
  3. Another good option is Blue Quill Angler. They have free shipping on most things as long as you spend $5. These Umpqua hooks are pretty good and are currently on sale. http://www.bluequillangler.com/Products/Umpqua-U-Series/Umpqua-U-Series-U301-Streamer-Hook-50-Pack#.Uzh62txUsds This way you can get hooks and your tying supplies all in one spot. I also have nothing but good things to say about Allen hooks. Great hooks and customer service. I will also have to disagree with the Allen and GCO hooks being the same quality. The GCO hooks I received had many defects particularly the eyes. They were dull and overall just horrible quality. I just threw them in the trash. You can't go wrong with any of the 3 companies you asked about. They are all top notch.
  4. I figured I spend about as much time at the vise as I do fishing, so why not buy the best you can afford. Like everyone else has said, a good vise should last you a lifetime. I bought a couple cheap vises and they only lasted me a few months to a year before the jaws were wearing out. Like most things if I just bit the bullet the first time and bought a good vise, I would have saved in the long run. Best advice I can give you is go the some shops or local tying clubs and try out as many vises as you can.
  5. I'm also very curious about the castability of these rods. My challenge with fiberglass so far is finding a rod that loads with only a few feet of line out if not just the leader, but doesn't have an excess amount of tip wobble or lack or recovery. The 7.5' wt you are getting in sounds like just what I might be looking for. Looking forward to this build as I have been wanting one of your rods for a few years now.
  6. I would definitely be interested in a fiberglass rod. A 3wt in 7-7.5' range would be ideal for me. Any idea what color these blanks are?
  7. I will second the cdc legs. I have always had more luck using cdc or partridge for legs.
  8. The store bucks should show up in your account. When you go to checkout it will atomically take it from your store credit.
  9. Very well said. I also find it funny that someone would post something done by someone else thinking it would't be noticed.
  10. I have never had good luck with the magnets holding. I use a Rose creek net release attached to the back of my vest/pack. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Rose-Creek-Net-Release/709558.uts I have had it for 5 years now and it is still working like new.
  11. I also like both, but find myself using UTC most of the time. I use GSP if I need anything larger than 140.
  12. Wow. Extremely generous of you. Someone is going to get a great vise to start out.
  13. Troutguy, love those pics. I'm always amazed how tight woodcock will hold until they flush. I don't think they taste too bad. We always just cooked them them up with butter, salt, and pepper. Key is as you said is not to overcook. I think they get a bad rap around here taste wise because everyone compares them to grouse. I really enjoy tying with woodcock for small soft hackles. Well worth saving a few skins over the hunting season.
  14. I have had good luck with most of the larger retailers. These include Jstockard, Hook and Hackle, In the Riffle, Allen, and Blue Quill Angler. Fly Tyers Dungeon can be a little slow, but he has communicated the fact. All the orders I have placed to him have arrived in about a week and a half. The one order that was a bit later he sent out an email saying as such.
  15. I agree with most everyone above. I bought one of those cheaper kits from Cabelas on clearance and still quickly replaced everything. Everything was very low quality. A friend of mine has the Griffin Superior 1A and really likes it. He has had it for a few years and it has held up great. Its a great vise to get started with and if you don't think you need anything fancy, it should last a lifetime Most people don't use or need the rotary feature you see on the more expensive vises. See if you can find someone who hunts or knows someone who hunts. I just got 7 bucktails plus the grouse, duck, pheasant, and woodcock feathers from earlier in the year. Neighbors used to have peacocks and used to give me feathers when ever I needed any.
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