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  1. The shrimp that are hook up ride that way. They are keel weighted and the "wing" and tail create resistance as it sinks flipping it upright. The hook down one... well is intended to ride hook down.
  2. I have been more of a lurker. Haha. I post a lot on Instagram and Facebook. I used to tie a bit in the 90s but I did pick it back up around 2012. I live in Panama City, and I am the current President of the Bay Fly Fishers club here.
  3. Weird. I know exactly where that is and I have never... EVER caught any fish there. So go on with your bad self.
  4. The one that was bitten off was the one with the newest revisions. This was the first version. The new ones look the same but with internal weighting rather than the dumb bells.
  5. We did go Saturday. The Spanish bite was on fire. But we weren't looking for Spanish. LOL
  6. Here is a pattern that I am working on. I have eliminated the Dumbbell eyes and went to wrapping lead wire under the thickest part of the body. Between the legs, antennae and tail it sinks up right and slower than you would expect. That prototype got bit off by a Spanish Mackerel.
  7. Should we submit the flies now, or do we wait until the end?
  8. As long as you've never caught a tarpon, all you have to do is say the word, and you're in. The rules are posted at the beginning of the thread, but just be aware that you're going up against the sorriest collection of liars and cheats that have ever been assembled outside the District of Columbia. You can also expect to see some cutting edge fishing fashions proudly displayed by the contestants, though that's neither here nor there. Hey Bob - thanks for the post. Your report is generating all kinds of excitement here at tournament headquarters. We've still got a ways to go here, but the warmup's already underway. I have never hooked a tarpon on fly. I have caught one on spin tackle. But not the fly.
  9. I may have to make an effort in this here contest.
  10. I made a white Holo-Ghost last night. It is a VERY cool pattern. It looks a lot like a Fluke Jerk Bait. I cast it a pond behind Target on Back Beach Rd. It got bit in the little retention pond. Short Strike. But it got bit none the less.
  11. Take the chenille and bend it around the bodkin. Use the flame from a lighter to "touch" the chenille. Allow it to cool to that shape. That's it. I got the idea from Dron Lee.
  12. I'm about to go to bed, so I'll give you a call tomorrow during the day sometime. Thanks for the compliments.
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