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  1. I find that UTC has no consistency from spool to spool and even with in the same spool.I use either Danville Flymaster 6/0 or Gudebrod
  2. I was wondering if there,s going to be a 2013 edition of the magazine? I have yet to see and promoting of it if there is one coming out.
  3. I wouldn't mind the info please and thank you
  4. Which diffuser are you using on your flash unit?
  5. Is the hair translucent? Being really soft leads me to believe it is not likely polar bears. Larger pictures would help a bit more as well.
  6. If I were you I would hold off and save more for towards another vise. I'm sure that after you get one now you'll wish you had waited for a better vise the one you have now will serve you well till you have more resources to upgrade. I have and still use the Anvil that I've had for aboutb10 yrs now.
  7. I use a curved darning needle, found in a box that was left behind when I moved into the place I now live. It came as a complete set.
  8. I've been involved in several swaps based in Australia and in those swaps I was the international participant. For these swaps I came to an agreement with the swap host to send them tying material they cannot readily get in Australia. I sent the tying items requested along with a self addressed mailer and that worked out just great. The hosts felt it was a fair exchange for the return postage which they paid out of their pocket in exchange for the goods.
  9. If its like mine it will be jerky as all hell. The hook does not run no where near true. It's a nice concept but fails miserably in practice, probably why the guy is out of business.
  10. Here is something similar to what I've seen but this one has us dubbing added to it. http://shop.siman.cz/ Look under dubbing brush in the menu on the left.
  11. This is what I think you're looking for http://archives.flyfisherman.com/content/best-vises/1
  12. Has anyone here tried making deer hair dubbing brushes? I've tried without much success. I was wondering if there was some sort of trick to making them. I've seen them offered for sale in Europe so I know that it can be done. Any tips greatly appreciated.
  13. What an awesome idea, I'll have remember to try that next time in make brushes.
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