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  1. I gotta get my hands on some of that EP stuff. I bet it makes the fish go crazy. Cool flies.
  2. If I have the time I'll try all of them over the weekend. Results and pics will be posted no matter how ugly they are. haha.
  3. Ok, I'll look into the foam. If it's at the craft store I'll buy a little of both. And yes, pics will be posted.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. @ Kirk, I've heard that foam gives false hooksets. Also, the balsa is easier to get as far as I know. Jolly, you're probably right about the rattles. Good call. So multiple coats of epoxy. Will the epoxy make it slippery by any chance? I figure if the wood is more slippery the teeth wouldn't go in as much.
  5. I got the idea of buying some balsa and making poppers out of it. My problem is that I see tutorials around the internet for panfish and bass poppers, but nothing bigger outside of striper. Also, I won't be using any power tools simply because I don't have them. I would be cutting with a knife and then using sand paper for the rough edges. I would be using these poppers likely for muskie and pike. The balsa wood would need something to keep the teeth from going through after one fish i'm guessing. I would likely be tying them onto a 6/0 or bigger hook. Another question, I would like to put some type of rattle into the popper. I don't want to buy them just because I want to say that I made it all. I had the idea of putting some metal bbs into a .22 casing but didn't know if the casing is big enough. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. I love the coloring you used. Flies look awesome as well.
  7. Wow guys.Thanks for all the advice! I do certainly smash the barb. And not just for the fishes sake. Big hooks like those would be nasty to get out I'm sure. I've hooked what I assume were pike or muskie while using my 5 weight, and man was that a rush. So the addiction has already taken effect. Thanks again and happy holidays.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys! I'll look into the crankbait book and some others. I will most certainly post pics of my adventures and hopefully one or two will contain a muskie or pike.
  9. Ok, so it isn't really necessary? Do you know if it's the same with muskie? The place I will be fishing has both species, and hearing that they are the fish of 10,000 casts, I would rather have an extra hook just in case.
  10. Just a quick couple of questions regarding big flies. I'm planning on beginning to tie muskie/pike flies when I get my hands on the materials. I'll most likely be tying the hang time optic minnow fly and some variations.. Number one, do I need a second stinger hook? And if so, what size? And how do I connect the two hooks together? Also, what size should the main hook be? Thanks in advance for your time and help!
  11. yeah, I don't get my rod until christmas, but here in PA I would be fishing all fall. I'll start up when the ice gets off the river in pursuit of them toothies. In regard to hook size, if i can find some hooks of that size that are thin enough to fit in my vice I will surely give them a shot. And i'll add more flash to future creations.
  12. Haha. Good one. Maybe my flies are meant to stay ugly then.
  13. So they may be to small for the bigger ones? size 8 hooks were the only ones that fit my cabelas vise. At least they will work for something!
  14. Well, to start off, my name is Alex. I have been fly tying for a little over a year now. I'm not that great at it but I try. I fish for anything that bites in fresh water. I've recently broadened my horizons into the addiction of pike and muskie fishing and tying. Not very good at either of the two but practice makes perfect!
  15. Here are some of my first attempts at muskie/pike flies. They are all tied on size 8 long shank hooks. The materials I used were maribou, flashabou, and thread! Simple fly really. I was kind of following a Dave mcfluffchucker video, that is why I've added the eyes. Please be honest. Don't hold back your negativity, it only helps me.also, I think I went a little heavy on the flash. Maybe not! p.s. Most of the flies are a little wet because I put them into a fish tank to see how they look if that matters. haha
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