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  1. i'll bet theres an equivalent hook that you can get to south africa

    Unfortunately there is no hook equivalent to the Gama's that is available in bulk ie. 100 per box in South Africa.

    I can get the owner hooks, but only in packets which is a crazy price

    We use these hooks for Giant Travelle and other nasty fish in our oceans.

    We do have a distributor of Gamakatzu in South Africa. Stock seems to be a problem as we battle to obtain hooks in bulk from them.

  2. I have used bass worm weights, lead bait weights that have larger openings so you can free line your bait. These tie great sculpins for getting down quickly. Problem is they do not work for clousers. I lik my own clousers very sparse and the round weights tend to ride hook point down.


    Bestco Enterprises




    Bestco is dedicated to bringing you among the most innovative products yet seen in the flytying marketplace. If you are a commercial fly tier, guide, own a fly shop, or sell fly tying supplies either retail or wholesale, I welcome you to this site setup to serve the ” Fly Fishing Trade.“

    Bestco Enterprises is a top producer of high quality Dumbbell Eyes, Cone-Head, Bead-Heads, etc. Which are protected by either patents in effect or pending. This is one of the way in which we are able to maintain our high level of quality year after year. For the past ten (10 ) years we have supplied our product line to many of the top wholesalers, commercial tiers, and other volume users. In attempting to expand our market share we are offering to retailers, fly tiers and guides the full line of our products. Many new items which are not currently carried by wholesalers. These pieces or offered at a volume level that is more in keeping with the needs of these businesses

    City North Kingstown , RI

    Country USA

    Phone (401) 884-3862

    Do you have a web address for Bestco as a search on Google does not show anything.

  3. thanks for the suggestions fishypieter! Have you had any success with a black/purple color scheme? just curious

    Depends on where you will be fishing.

    If you give me an idea where you are going, I can give suggestions on which color will work

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