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  1. Don't touch that frog. You may die from the poison.
  2. Life like looking mayfly pattern. Exquisite tying
  3. Nothing wrong with that fly for a newbie
  4. That fly is awesome. My brother is terrified of Praying Mantises. I showed him the photos of your fly and he ran out the house screaming like a little girl.
  5. Deadly looking fry patern
  6. Good looking flies. Love them
  7. That thing will never sink.Lol Very nicely tied
  8. Hi Terje I that is you just playing around, I do not want to see what you come up with when you are serious. LOL Good looking fly.
  9. Love the use of the Silver Partridge Feathers
  10. Those flies will surely fool some trout here in South Africa.
  11. My wife saw the picture of your mouse and ran away screaming the lungs out. LOL Awesome looking fly
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