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  1. I have bought from him before on Alixpress. Good service. See link below http://www.aliexpress.com/store/610947
  2. Nice looking flies and the river is awesome too
  3. Nice idea on those flies. Attached is my idea on a senko Also tie it with Dumbell eyes so it sings quicker
  4. Those are some awesome flies
  5. In South Africa we target the Sharptooth Catfish. Can grow to 45kg. Attached is some pics of a few big ones. In clear water we need to make long cast and use flies that push a lot of water. In dirty water we splash for them using the other flies. They come to the surface to gulp air. Splash the flies close to where they come up and you can catch them I caught one a few years ago that took me 45 minutes to land on a 8wt. Had a 30lb Boga grip, started to lift the fish, the head came of the ground and the boga went of 30lb. Estimated the fish at over 22kg (55.88lb)
  6. I get some of my foam from Steve Winters. Nice products http://www.sleazysteves.com/products/foam/
  7. Welcome to the forums Those are some nice looking bugs.
  8. Man love that river as well as the fish
  9. See that pattern working for Largemouth Yellowfish in South Africa
  10. Been using this Agent Orange pattern in South Africa to catch good size Carp. Originally a Bonefish fly Wet Fly Hook # 4-6 Orange Chenille Orange Crystal Flash with Grizzly Hackle tips
  11. Hi Guys Does anybody know if Edgewater Fishing products is still in business as i can not find any info on the net. Looking to buy Foam Blocks as well as Rat Tail.
  12. Imagine that thing landing on your face while fishing. Will scream like a little girl. LOL
  13. Nice looking fly. Works for sure
  14. This is one of the places that I obtain my bulk wire from. Hope it helps http://www.wires.co.uk/acatalog/colour_copper.html
  15. Would appreciate any step by step if available for this fly.
  16. Like it a lot. Might have to steal this pattern for my box
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