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  1. Those are some pretty looking bass bugs
  2. Now that is one stunning dragon fly
  3. That stuff is called Fish hair. One of the first synthetics to come out. http://www.fishhairenterprises.com/
  4. Which size in the 3366 is equivalent to a TMC8989 #6 This is my bread and butter size in Bass flies in South Africa.
  5. Like the look of that fly. Nice and easy fly to tie.
  6. Thanks Guys Will try those websites as well Hagens.
  7. Hi Guys Does anybody know where I can obtain Bass Stinger Hooks eg. TMC8089 # 6 per 1000 hooks. Looking for a few thousand of these or equivalent hooks from other manufactures http://www.intheriffle.com/store/Tiemco-8089-Fly-Tying-Hooks.html
  8. Hi Guys Does anybody have an e-mail address for Collins Hackle. I am from South Africa and would like to try his hackle in my factory. I know the website says that they do not doe emails. If I have to phone it will be around 23h00 here in South Africa.
  9. Thanks Jason Will order some to try
  10. Clear Cure Goo makes them. http://www.clearcuregoo.com/page28/page28.html CCG has some of the best eyes on the market and are really great people. Thanks
  11. Hi Jason been checking out the Solarez website for a while now. the only thing that worries me is the product info from them. see below PRODUCT TIP: Apply all UV curable products in full shade or indoors, flash with Solarez UV Flashlight for 30 seconds, continue working on fly. To completely cure resin, expose to sunlight or use flashlight for about 3 minutes. Does this product not dry with the UV Light. How many batteries will be used if we have to wait 3 minutes per fly. LOL I have a fly-tying factory in South Africa and would like to use this product, but a bit scared about the statement above.
  12. HI Gravytrain Love them frogs. Bass will surely kill those froggies Can you please share where you get the materials and step by step if possible
  13. HI Flysmallie Love the Bite Me eyes you have on the top fly. Can you share where you got them from as I have a Soft Plastic Lure Company called Bite Me Baits in South Africa
  14. Nice looking flies. Carp will surely kill the black&Chart one
  15. Been making the for a few years now. One of my best selling bass flies. Been using Edgewaters Rat Tails
  16. Just filling up my fly boxes for the Yellowfish season here in South Africa
  17. Love the look of this fry pattern. Should be deadly
  18. Thanks for the recipe for the Dragon Nymph defranksflies
  19. My newest nymph pattern the "Dragoon" in in blue and red color scheme. Lovely looking nymphs. Can you please share the recipe.
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