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  1. Welcome from a fellow South African
  2. When I teach people to tie flies, this is the one I start with. It is called a White Death. Can also be tie in orange and called Orange Death. See tying instruction attached. This is a very deadly pattern in South Africa when fishing for trout. Also used when feeding carp up on white bread.
  3. x2 on not being able to view the fly. Let's blame the gremlins
  4. Nice looking Carpies you got there. Will have to tie some up and try on our carp in South Africa
  5. Now that is one beautifully tied Adam's Irresistible
  6. My eyes are hurting from looking at this fly. LOL Very Nice looking fly.
  7. Going on a Tiger Fishing trip to Mozambique tomorrow and just thought I would show some pics of the flies.
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