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  1. Definitely a dubbing. LOL
  2. Love the shaggy look of that Caddis PT
  3. Nice looking Baitfish patterns
  4. That is one cute crab Sure will be chomped by some fishies
  5. Add green rubberleg for the stork, the spin purple deerhair
  6. Welcome to the forum I caught my first fish when I was 2 years old. That was 44 years ago. How time flies when you have fun
  7. For the guys looking for those eyes, check the link below. http://factorydirectcraft.com/catalog/categories/1258_1843_1271-pearls_spools.html-5-0-0-0
  8. Welcome Welcome. Sure you will learn a lot on this site
  9. Welcome to the forum. Do not forget about the other freshwater species. I have caught more than 50 different freshwater species on fly so far
  10. Welcome from sunny Johannesburg in South Africa
  11. Welcome to the forum. Nothing better than catching fish on something you made yourself
  12. Welcome to the forum and happy hunting of them striped things
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