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  1. Out of curiosity, why do you use synthetic hair instead of bucktail?
  2. Handsome streamer pattern. I think I'll tie a few up! You could call this a Mickey Finn Ghost, LOL.
  3. Capt. Bob, I've seen the plastic doll eyes you mentioned above. Do you cut off the plastic studs before you glue them on? I like to put a drop of Clear Cure "Hydro" on the eyes to glue them down and help protect the eye itself.
  4. Looks good to me. I've been hearing that orange is the hot color. You may want to tie on both 2x and 3x heavy tarpon hooks, instead of weighting the fly, to get different sink rates.
  5. I was making some Homer Rhodes style tarpon flies today and noticed my red hackle quills were old and stiff. When wrapped around the hook shank, the quills had a tendency to snap and don't appear to be very durable. Is it time to get some new hackles or can the old ones be rejuvenated?
  6. Wow, pretty bizarre. It would go well in you fly tying room.
  7. There are a couple of things on a Renzetti vise that make it right/left oriented. The rotation handle can be used as a ratchet, which is directional, although I prefer mine tightened to a point where I can rotate in either direction. Also, the hook gap adjustment is right/left oriented. I guess you could make adjustments from the far side but why would you want to? This adjustment is easy and intuitive and is a great feature. Last but by far not least, it costs a fortune to convert from one hand to the other.
  8. I ordered some Daiichi hooks to tie a few Klinkhammer flies for the first time. I have both Z-Lon and McFlylon for wing material. Is one better than the other for this application? I gather from the article that white is the preferred wing color, primarily for purposes of visibility. Any thoughts as to which patterns are best suited to this style fly? Thanks! Russ
  9. You guys maybe costing me big bucks, LOL.
  10. I bought a Traveler when they first came out and liked it but traded it for the studier 4000 and have never regretted it. I upgraded the 4000 vise from a thumb screw to a cam type jaw. The 4000 does everything I could possibly want a vise to do. I have also been looking at the Master vise. However, I frankly can't see anything that the Master would do better than a 4000. The Master has more adjustments and all but I don't really need anymore. If I was buying a vise cold turkey (no pun intended) I'd probably go with the Master but since I already have a 4000, I doubt I'll trade up. You really can't go wrong with either. Hmm, this probably doesn't help you much ...
  11. I use Sally Hansen "Super Shine" because that's what my wife gets for me when I ask. It saves me from shopping !!!
  12. I generally use a Renzetti Presentation vice but also have a regular (rotary but not true rotary) Dyna-King I use for Clousers and similar. I have been using my brother-in-law's Dyna-King Barracuda recently. It's a super vice and is sort of like a Renzetti Presentation on steroids. Having the luxury of these vices, I use the Barracuda on large salt water flies and bass bugs and the Presentation on "regular" flies. If I had to choose just one, although I don't know why I'd do that, I'd go with the Presentation, JMHO. If all I tied was larger salt water flies, I'd sure go with the Barracuda.
  13. Well, I sure hope there's at least one more issue. It's a great magazine!
  14. I'm afraid I can't keep the above going, LOL. I have, however, ordered from the Feather Emporium a few times. I have gotten mixed size or color hackles in 100 packs and been very happy with them. I really like their Winger Patches for dry fly wings. They're a good resource. Wow, I've gone from Bait Fisherman to Beginner. Not that there's anything wrong with that ...
  15. I always assumed Renzetti made the vise like this on purpose so you could have the option of either a one-way ratchet or do it yourself two way rotation. Maybe I'm wrong. Like phg, I use to have a traveler and now have a 4000 and they both operate the same way. I don't know if Renzetti makes a rotary crank but then I don't think I'd like it very much. It probably depends on what kind of flies you're tying.
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