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  1. Have friends who were active with BACA. Bikers Against Child Abuse. If that's the situation I hope the child is heals well and thank you for your help in the situation. It's a hard one to understand but happens.
  2. I have a dozen bobbin holders set up with different threads, colors and weights. All this discussing /0s and deneers is over my head but I do know I use Veesus as much as possible and find it strong, consistent, and finer in diameter than other threads per labeled /0 size. I'll stick with Veesus and am not going to start micing the threads to see if they vary. I'm sure they will.
  3. Good to hear some of the swap flies were put to the work they were intended for.
  4. If messy is as good as some people say you got a winner. Unusual tie but may be a killer on the stream. I like it.
  5. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  6. For years I was a diehard Cubs fan back in the Ernie Banks and Billy Williams and Ron Santo days. Year after year it was going to be next year for the Cubs. Ernie always had something optimistic to say, "The Cubs will shine in '59" and it never happened. I was after I moved here to OK they finally put one together and I did this streamer in celebration of their win and used their logo colors. Would have worked for this swap too I guess.
  7. Well, I made use of some blue dyed UV herl I got some time ago. I have a take off on my favorite fly, the red butt soft hackle. This one has red butt, blue hackle body reinforced with thread wound through, and white hen hackle collar.
  8. Yep, just sent another package and saved $3.50 on a small package of items. Pirateship also keeps a running log of where you sent and how much postage was. Not a big deal if you're just shipping a few odds and ends you're selling like I am but for a business it would be really nice.
  9. Yeah, guess I'll do something along those guidelines.
  10. Our fridge is over 10 years old and still works fine but makes a lot of weird noises, clunks and wheezes. I'm thinking of having a repairman come on and go through it but I've had bad luck with these guys on other stuff before and was thinking just wait it out and look at new ones. Ours has to fit in a fairly small space and like Steve has Fridge on top and Freezer on bottom. Wife does all the stuff in freezer cause she can still sit on floor and get back up. I have not priced a new fridge and reading the above posts I'm now scared to find out. I was thinking a couple hundred bucks would cover it but now find I need to at least triple that guess. Scary and I'm sure prices thanks to day to day inflation are not going to come down soon.
  11. Yep, great set once again from the crew on here.
  12. Aha! A bin for packages. Darrell is talking about those letter only metal bins outside of the PO. Thos are for letters only, no packages.
  13. As a mod I don't really know if we should be pushing one company over another but enough people, including me, have been burnt by the new USPS rates and on recommendation of a couple of people I dug into the Pirate Ship shipping costs. What I didn't expect was to find how easy it is to setup, print labels yourself for your packages, save real money, and then let the USPS do your shipping. I don't understand exactly how this works and am not going to spend time trying to figure it out but I'm assuming there is some sort of agreement behind closed doors that if we do the heavy lifting of weighing, measuring, and labeling our products ready to go then PO and UPS gives them a break on costs enough for them to make a profit, which I'm sure is why they're in business. https://www.pirateship.com/ Okay, after I got (with the help of my son) the printer set up on my computer and I did a few simple answers on the site I established an email and password account. I've shipped several packages recently and it's really simple and for a 78 year old guy who once said he'd never turn on a computer that's really saying something. You need a physical address but then you can put a PO Box as your return address like I did. Once that's established you type in name and address of recipient, go down and select type of package (box, bubble wrap, etc.), weigh the item, hit rates and it will give you PO and UPS rates and their savings rate. On four packages I sent I saved about $10 dollars. Had I done this on a bunch of things I sent recently it would have easily been $20+ which for you deep pockets is nothing but for a S.S. guy I'll take it. As of right now if you (or I) are going to send a rod the way to go is UPS and not PO. These are the rates I just looked up to send a rod at 4' long weighing 4 lbs. from OK to IL. UPS Ground, $10.13 - UPS 3 day select, $12.86 - UPS 2nd day air, $17.59 USPS Ground, $25.11 - USPS Priority, $26.54 Those rates are better than USPS but do include their new $15 surcharge and UPS does not, at least yet. All of the shipping gives you tracking label with your return, the recipient, and tracking # and all those line and bars that mean something to someone somewhere. With all the talk recently about USPS rates I can only say for myself that I found this easy, fast, no lines at PO for them to weigh and sticker, and just now I sent a small bubble wrap pakage with flies for a fly swap the PO would get $4.75 for and Pirate Ship is $3.48. Since my bank acc't. is hooked to paypal like a lot of people have I just send with paypal and they pull the money from my acc't at no charge. Now a $1.27 is not a huge savings but I'll take it. NOTE: I typed this over a month ago on a different forum and since have added peel off label paper to my printer and this is really slick. No lines at PO, wait to weigh, wait to stamp, you do it all yourself and then just drop off packages with several dollars of savings.
  14. gadabout, are you well known to the PO that you're dealing with? I live in a small town and the ladies at the PO are either relatives or friends and they do a lot to keep me from getting messed up. I don't know for sure but think I could drop fly envelopes and get away with it too since they know how much of that I do. For those who participate in a lot of PO mailing I'm going to be putting a couple of posts on about Pirateship.com and the simplicity and savings you can get.
  15. jv, those flies have two of the best fish catching triggers combined one could ask for. They will go in great with the soft hackle flies when they get here. Nick
  16. I agree with redietz but don't quit looking until last minute. I've given up on how I lost someone's flies and then found stuck inside someone else's mailer as I began sorting. Foolish to send a separate post for each one of us EVEN THOUGH woodenleg's was one of the one's I looked forward to. Hope you find them. Nick
  17. I sent out some of my high floating catepillars your way. The thing with these cats is that there is a strip of 2mm foam wrapped under the body. This should give them the bouyancy to float one of those ants down under it. Find tree branches sticking out over the water, throw these cats with an ant or beetle hanging under it and maybe get yourself a double. Maybe most catepillars don't have chopper mandibles but in OK there are mutants everywhere.
  18. At one time I had a collection of Fenwick, Sage, Bamboo, and even old Wonderods. Most of these have been sold and now I use primarily two bamboo rods. First, 7' Penta 3wt. bamboo build of Jeff Hatton "The Gnome" with a Cholla Cactus handle he built special for me. It comes alive as only high quality bamboo can with Wullf 3wt. Long Belly Line and balances beautifully with a Hardy Cascapedia 2/3/4 reel. Second, a 7'6" bamboo built by a member of the Classic Fly Forum. It is a hollowed Penta faster than most bamboo rods and does the job for bigger flies. I bought the blank and finished this two tip rod myself and it does the work I don't want to press the lighter rod for. It handles and balances with a Wullf TT 6wt. on a Hardy Cascapedia 4/5/6 reel. Picture with Hardy Bougle I had on before the Cascapedia.
  19. Ha...I'm no know-it-all but it did bother me too so I did some checking into what "Not Secure" means to me. As far as computer safety, with people out there able to hack into almost any system man builds and firewalls are defeated the only way to be completely secure is to burn your computer and go back the old ways, and even then mail can be intercepted and stolen. I do not blame you for a good degree of caution but this site is one I take my chances with, as are a couple of others I haunt regularly. Your cyber friend, Nick
  20. The site is "Not Secure". This means anyone can come on the site and read what you posted. It does not mean anyone can get your password for the site. If you think "Secure" sites have any protection about what's read on the site they don't. Just don't come on this site and post you bank acc't #s or personal stuff. Just remember like any site, whether secure or not, unless it shows a "lock" in front of https: anything you type is open to public. This site is as safe as any other public shared sites. I should add persons don't need a password to come on this site or any "Not Secure" but cannot post without a password. They come on as Read Only.
  21. You really don't want the original dubbing blend for the Tup's Indispensible. A guy on another board had a friend of his send him the real thing. His wife was out of town and he took it into the kitchen to boil it and clean it good before cutting it up for dubbing. Even with all the Febreeze he could buy and days of open windows the smell was everywhere and his wife didn't talk to him for a month after she came home. Stick with the dog hair.
  22. Oh Mark, I've said I don't follow a lot of things on the board and I just now read through this. Scary but at least I get to the good part where you're in recovery mode. My wife had a stroke a short time back but without all the drama you went through. She spend several weeks working with a home visit therapist after she got discharged to regain her balance and equilibrium again. For last couple of years she's been doing all the driving because of my leg and COPD. Now I have to drive her everywhere as she's slowly adusting to things moving in her vision field again. So, sorry I wasn't with you earlier but happy to see you'll be back with us soon after the ordeal you've gone through. And as for the comment made, "Laughter is the best Medicine", I had broke ribs a couple of times and laughter definitely is not the way to go in that case. Nick
  23. If I tie hoppers of the size of the mutant ones here in western OK you'd need to throw them with a 12 weight for musky. If I make them a little smaller they should be okay for average fish. Or I might get to vise and take a completely different direction. Either way, I'll put something on a hook for you. I typed this yesterday but forgot to sent it I guess. Anyway, I better be in. I've got half of the dozen tied already plus several experiments to establish a pattern I think will look good in the box and catch fish also. ps...I did sit at vise and take a different path. I won't compete with flytire or the other great hopper tiers on the board so I have something different for the group.
  24. Keep in mind that for fly tying purposes your pelts must be really cleaned, washed and free of excess odor. Most trappers I knew up north did not take their hides to such a level of preparation for normal sales. I agree you'll probably not be able to quit your day job (unless it is trapping) but should be able sell cleaned patches and make a few extra dollars. I'd definitely check with the major outlets to see if you could get your item into their catalogs. Good luck and wish you the best in the efforts.
  25. wwkimba, your misys shrimp brings back some great memories. Myself and 2 friends fished out of Grand Marais in a tournament on Lake Superior. North of Grand Marais was solid fog and most boats avoided it. I drove through it with careful watch of locator and Loran (pre GPS). Using timed run we soon hit the discolored water coming out of the MN Brule River. We set up and immediately began catching fish. Trying to set up the 6 legal lines became futile with action going crazy. I was on the radio with some of the other boats and calling out fish on about every 5 minutes or so. Throwing them in the cooler it soon became apparent they were stuffed with mysis shrimp that brought them in big schools. Within a few hours we had all the other boats calling BS on our fish and wanted to know where we were of course. When we headed back for the weigh in we had all the boats and half the town waiting to see if we were BSing or hit them like that. When we asked some guys on dock to help with the coolers this raised some eyebrows. When we got them to the table we had our legal limit of 30 coho, several kings, something like 5 each of steelhead and lakers. Took home some money and prizes and had people wanting to pay to tell them where we were, which I never did. I still find it hard to believe that mysis shrimp can become so thick it brings in huge schools of big fish but every time we pulled a line from outrigger, shallow downriggers, or flat lines the line would be slimey with shrimp. I chartered and fished the big lake for years when living up there and never ran into anything quite like again. Fished off the mouth of some of the rivers running into Superior on the WI penisula near Washburn WI where my folks lived and often found mysis in fish caught of the mouth of the rivers on streamers we threw on our long rods. Yep, your fly sure brought back some great memories of the days we spent on Lake Superior running charters and just having family fun and camping on Isle Royale and the Apostle Islands. Sorry this is totally off subject but mysis caused the flashbacks.
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