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  1. I'll take a dozen! Dang those look great. Bet they would work on everything from big trout to some saltwater fish too.
  2. It definitely is one and the same. Note the color choices and even the names of the colors are identical to congo hair. "Golden Stone" "Kelly Green" etc.....
  3. I believe they are working off of the new style pennies. But you can also buy bird shot, BBs, even split shot and add enough to deflect it then weigh how much it took and calculate the ERN from that.
  4. I've been waiting two weeks for some congo hair for a local fly swap that is due the 20th. I sincerely hope that it shows up tomorrow or I will be holding things up. I have tried both, prefer the EP, but congo hair is dirt cheap and close enough. Though if I could find EP for $5 a bag I'd buy it instead.
  5. Look up the common cents system. Simple way to accurately determine a fly rod's ERN or Effective Rod Number, basically the line weight. Without going too much into detail, you simply secure the rod and add fresh pennies one by one to a bag attached to the tip until 1/3 of the rod's length is deflected, or bent. The number of pennies and the weight of those pennies helps to calculate what weight line is should throw. There are a few things to compensate for but really it is quite simple and should give you what you need. Do some research and take your time to do it right. These two links appeared from a quick google search: http://www.common-cents.info/ http://www.common-cents.info/part1.pdf
  6. Fantastic fly! So incredibly detailed, the segmentation, the legs, everything is just so perfect.
  7. Hey now. My entry on page 3 with the rare back-alleyway brook trout look alike tarpon species Mentira mentir, has already sealed up this contest and as such it would be silly for more entrants to apply unless they wish to donate the flies to me.
  8. Well just send them all to me and you won't have to worry about what to tie with them.
  9. Well I am a fan of the hank Patterson series. I posted them a second ago but I can't get them to embed so just go to youtube and search "hank pattesron." Epsiodes 1-3 were followed by the greenbacks edition, holiday extravaganza, and the F3T prelude. The first and second are my favorites.
  10. Wait just one second now, babies come from marabou?
  11. Great looking desk. Before long you will be raiding those mounted pheasants for tying materials!
  12. Keep it up and you may not make it to 18! lol Uh-oh, I forgot that you had my address. Just remember I'm not worth the price of a plane ticket!!!
  13. Wow. I was 7 years old when some of you guys joined and this site was created. Hope that doesn't make anyone feel old .
  14. WOW!!! Just wow. I have tried to tie salmon flies and I know how challenging it can be- seems like every time my white whale is getting the topping set in a nice way to cascade backwards at the right angle and meet the tail. That is a true beauty.
  15. Oh, I see, the UK version of the story must have been altered to meet the culture over there
  16. Well if we are going to be technical, they take the raisins, split them open, and fill them with some of the sleeping medication that his father was given after injuring himself. Alright, alright I happen to like Roald Dahl and his books, especially that one.
  17. Double ought buck and you need to lead them by a country mile.
  18. (pictures from off the web) Golden pheasant are just gorgeous- And who can forget where jungle cock comes from?
  19. You could buy all the dubbing you want if you sold the skin to a fur coat company.
  20. Lightning bug if the water is off colored and there are the standard mayflies, etc.... in the creek system.
  21. You username should be dry fly pro! As usual, your tying skills are only matched by the quality of the photo.
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