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  1. For what you describe a TFO Finesse 7'3" 2wt sounds ideal. It is just a few dollars more than your budget, but if you break the rod, even if you forget about it and drive over it with a truck, it will be replaced no questions asked for $25. It is a fairly soft rod, with a nice medium action, but can throw a nymph or hopper dropper with ease.
  2. Those are some good looking flies for someone just starting out. I'm impressed with the peacock herl you have there, it looks to be of high quality, something sorely lacking with most herl to be found today. Where did you get that batch?
  3. Shooting ANYTHING just for fun is indeed messed up, but starlings are an invasive species, and can be destructive.
  4. Sweet tie. Did you leave space near the eye in order to accomodate some sort of knot for the leader?
  5. Yeah, I found that picture from Don Bastian today, but figured it could have been an honest mistake, but with the dry flies as well....... I also found it somewhat odd that there are two different vises in the first two pictures, though I know a man can have more than one vise.
  6. Bonsai fascinates me to no end- cool trees. Nice looking set-up there.
  7. Sur3-Shot, did you tie that last fly, the one in the fourth picture on the bottom?
  8. What head cement did you use for the fontinalis fin?
  9. Awesome! Congratulations to the winner. What is his screen name on the forum? I was rooting for that fly. I just couldn't find one flaw with it. There were so many beautiful ties though.......
  10. I have to agree- that was great! The snowboarding and surfing were cool, but I can not get over how that dog knows to accerlerate on the skateboard.
  11. This has been a cool contest just to look at the flies everyone tied up. Thanks to horshoes for hosting it, it was fun just to be an onlooker. Excited to see who wins this. Though I have an inkling......
  12. Thats not right lil jerks I would respectfully suggest that on such a forum you should not insult fellow members, especially when you are not aware of extinuating circumstances surrounding the situation. Some generous people give away spare things on this forum and you can take them up on their offers.
  13. Well thanks for trying to help, but that is not the problem. I have used photobucket for a couple years and have even posted a couple pictures from photobucket on this forum in the past few weeks, and I do click on the img code and copy and paste it into the post. The problem is for some reason recently when copy it into the post and try to post it, I get the following message: You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. That exact method has worked for me in the past, but for some reason as soon as I add a photobucket img code into the post, the board pops up that message and refuses to allow me to contiinue with the code in the post.
  14. UTC 70 and Uni 8/0 cover 90% of my tying, but I hate build up. Danville 6/0 for bigger streamers, etc.......
  15. Uh guys, this thread is two months shy of being two years old. The OP probably already has a vise by now.
  16. I am glad to see that the fly I voted for is in the three. One thing to note, is that the flys left to write are not the same as the corresponding up and down numbers in the poll. I.E. if you want vote for the first one shown on the left (or any other), it is not the same as the first one of the three choices. I don't think this should confuse anybody, just making a casual observation.
  17. Mine are almost done, but I ended up going with a size 12 due to hook availability.
  18. Thought I sent you an email. I did recieve them and they were much appreciated. BTW, over on North American Fly Fishing Forum, I post pictures of two patterns I tied with some of those materials. I don't think you saw it, but I asked you if it was partridge you used on the soft hackles you posted in the what have you been tying today thread. I also mentioned in that post that I had used the kreinik floss and india game hen for the my soft hackle, as well as CDC for the Elk and CDC. I attempted to post pictures of those flies and mention how grateful I was for the give away and how I was putting the materials to use, but EVERY time I try and post an image attachment with photobucket, using either the IMG code or the clickable thumbnails, the board refueses to allow me to post the entire message, saying something about "this image attachment is not allowed on this forum."
  19. Yeah. There is no need for a pattern book when you have great SBS for 179 patterns here as well as youtube: http://www.charliesflyboxinc.com/flybox/index.cfm Do a search on youtube, look for Davie McPhail, Charlie Craven, etc..... Or do a google search. PLENTY of great SBS there. I don't think there is a single well known pattern in existence that you can not find a video, sbs with pictures, or at the very least a pattern recipe somewhere on the web.
  20. I'm just a teenage fly fisherman and tyer, and I may have a Winston but if you have a six dollar ugly stick, fishing with worms and are catching fish while I am not, I envy you. Forget predjudice. Lets go catch some fish.
  21. Tried to post photos of a SH and an Elk and CDC but for some reason photobucket IMG code is not working. I get a message that says: You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. I have used photobucket before, whats the deal?
  22. Sweet. Appreciate the video. Those are some gorgeous, hard fighting rainbows.
  23. Simi-seal leeches catch a lot of cat fish around here. Though I have never targeted them myself.
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