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  1. Steve, I lost my little brother when he was just past his 51st birthday. It's been 10 years and I still think about him most every day. The memories are there but somehow we learn to accept what happened and not trying to sound cliche it does get easier as we learn to accept what happened. May peace be with you and may your sister be in your memories forever. Les
  2. Lesg

    My new shop

    Les Sorry Les. I'd rather the thread stay off of current events discussions.
  3. I like it because it is shown from the tyers perspective not the other side as most videos show.
  4. Lesg

    My new shop

    Mine is a detached garage which I have never allowed a car to enter. 😊
  5. Lesg

    My new shop

    20 X 30 is a nice size. My shop is 16 X 28 and I regret not going for the extra 4 feet.
  6. Lesg

    My new shop

    New meaning to the expression "Nice Slab" ?
  7. Lesg

    My new shop

    Poopdeck, aluminum can be welded with a MIG. You will need a spool gun because the wire is too soft to push through from the machine to the contact tip and you need the proper gas. If you get good with a TIG welder though, I have seen aluminum foil welded at a demo at a local college.
  8. Lesg

    My new shop

    Mike, lots of dust collector designs on youtube if you want some ideas. Lots of shop setup ideas as well. Congrats on your new shop project and Happy Birthday as well. Looking forward to your updates.
  9. McFly, you are probably right on the tippet size. That never entered my mind so I took a different tack and went with yarn and hair wings. I now just use yarn because it is so easy to use and when it comes to tying flies I like to keep things as simple as possible. Too bad I didn't think about the tippet because that would have been an even simpler solution.
  10. Been tying similar rubber band nymphs for years. They really work well and are so easy to tie that losing them to the riverbed doesn't hurt.
  11. I've tried this style of wing before on a very similar fly. I found that the wings acted like a helicopter and twisted my tippet really badly. Maybe you'll have better luck. It might be my mediocre tying skills that caused the problem.
  12. Not to try to take over the Renzetti thread but a comment on what Chugbug said about warranties. Several years ago i bought a pocket knife with a "lifetime guarantee". After a couple of years the pin holding it together let go and the blades came loose and fell out. I shipped it back and they sent the broken knife back saying that the knife had passed its useful "lifetime" so it was no longer covered. I replaced this knife with a Schrade pocket knife and MANY years later it failed. I returned it to the company without much hope for a reply. I was absolutely amazed when they sent me a new knife and a letter of apology because their product didn't last a lifetime. I have nothing to do with Schrade other than being a n extremely satisfied customer. I guess my point is that "lifetime" means different things to different companies.
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