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  1. Lesg


    Hopefully you watched till the end. Nothing to do with any political party' just exercise your rights.
  2. Lesg

    Veterans Day 2022

    I'm not a veteran but would like to thank all of you are. Les
  3. Looks Like fox to me, but I'm definitely not an expert. Helped my grandpa on his trapline and it looks like fox belly fur to me. Les
  4. Lesg


    +8 I think. Even though I don't post much I missed this place.
  5. I'll withhold my thoughts as well. Wayyy too political. LOL. It's just that rifle reminds me of an old Marlin 38/55 that was handed down to me. A bit older though. Engraved on the receiver it says black powder only. Not sure of the year. Les
  6. A picture of a Canadian fantasy. Sorry if it triggers the non political guidelines. What's the lever with the full length tubular magazine? Les
  7. The population has doubled since my brother moved up there in the early 80's. Was 20,000 then with 12.000 in Whitehorse. He lived in Haines Junction which was pretty small at the time. Les
  8. Lesg

    Ground Moles

    Edit; I should have said "The Idiot sure scared the dogs though."
  9. Lesg

    Ground Moles

    Sure scared the dogs though.
  10. Lesg

    Ground Moles

    Here's one method.
  11. Seems to be that you actually found the proverbial "Pot of Gold". As Mike said the bar is set pretty high but I think you might jump over it again next year. The more you learn about a river the better the results. Les
  12. I fixed a shimano steelhead rod in the same way a few years back. It's not a flyrod but the repair held and works well. Les
  13. Thanks for that Steeldrifter. That needed to be said. Les
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