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  1. Lesg

    New foal

    Good thing your Mom felt differently.😉
  2. +1 on the Cortland 444. The cheap lines that I have tried in the past seemed to crack in the first few feet. I had no trouble casting them (other than my normal flubs) but the tip sections became waterlogged due to the cracks and turned into slow sink tips.
  3. Lesg

    "Survival" 1944

    Good story ! Thanks Chugbug.
  4. Just north of the border at Sault Ste. Marie. Been snowing on and off all day.
  5. That looks like a brook trout killer!
  6. That's the same one that I use Mike, and the batteries have never died.
  7. Can you still buy those?
  8. You should be able to afford it. A friend of mine is a taxidermist and he charges by the inch.😄
  9. Nice to hear that the river has recovered from the pollution and by looking at the fish is doing well.
  10. Did you hear about the old guy who went to the doctor looking for 1/2 strength viagra. Just strong enough so he wouldn't pee on his shoes.
  11. Congrats Steve. 35 years for me. The only thing I remember about smoking is that it was a lot harder to quit than it was to start. Tons of money saved as well as my lungs.
  12. Lesg

    Fish Pictures

    Mark, a while back I bumped into an older guy I used to work with. His greeting was "Hi Les, you're looking prosperous." I didn't know whether to thank him or slap him. lol
  13. My truck is getting better mileage now. Two weeks per gallon.
  14. A friend still has a working 8 track, not in his car but the home stereo version. He's an electronics guy and likes to fix stuff.
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