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  1. Lesg


    I'd like to comment but I would be banned for being too political.
  2. You guys are lucky. That converts to $4.24 Can. and we are paying $5.67 Can. for a U.S. gal. here in the Great White North. Les
  3. J-Kno, I have fished brook trout all my life and was surprised to catch splake that were identical except for the blue haloes. I did a bit of research and found out that the M.N.R. here in Ontario had been back-crossing the original splake (brook/lake) with brook trout. On another note a friend is a taxidermist and when I walked into his shop one day and commented on a nice splake that he had ready for a customer he started laughing and said that I was the only person that realized it wasn't a brook trout including the guy that caught the fish. He tried to tell the guy it was a splake but the fisherman insisted it was a brookie.
  4. I could be wrong but judging from the photo that might be a splake. It lacks the red dots surrounded by a blue halo that is found on brook trout.
  5. I used these ice studs in my snowmobile track. Night and day difference on ice. Can't comment on slippery rocks but I'm guessing similar results. Less than 1/4 of the price of carbide studs but am I thinking that the boots would wear out long before the studs. Les
  6. Lesg

    I have sad news

    Norm, I lost my Dad a month ago at age 89 so I can understand your pain. My condolences to you. Les
  7. But they come with a custom Hatch "lanyard"! Isn't that a fancy name for a string? I think we allow ourselves to be duped.
  8. The masks are to cover for any liability. We have to wear masks to grocery shop. Still shaking my head.
  9. Without getting into politics I think a lot of us know what the government is up to and it leaves us shaking our collective heads. That being said while I live in a border town the only way I can enter the U.S. is if I fly, I can't drive across a bridge. Makes me wonder if folks in the U.S. know what is going on as well. Not trying to stir up controversy just shaking my head about both sides. Les
  10. Works well and looks good. Very professional looking site and easy to navigate. Les
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