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  1. I would have to agree with the folks who mentioned the Peak, I have one and love it. What else can I say except try it for yourself.
  2. Well with the price of gas I would money, and lots of it!
  3. Do you think substituting ice fur for the polar aire will work or should I try a different option
  4. The olive woolybugger, a tried and true classic that never goes out of style.
  5. Give the Bully Bluegill Spider a try, its easy to tie and has good action in the water. Also try a Woolyworm in white with a red butt. Both of these patterns have proven effective for me.
  6. I tied a few up last night, they turned out good. I will post pics of whatever I catch with them. Thanks smalliehunter.
  7. Being that I am a carpenter and an amateur woodworker, I would have to saw that is one of the nicest looking tool cadies I have seen.
  8. Great interview, its nice to get a perspective from one of the masters.
  9. I would have to say that smallmouth bass are by far my fish to catch, followed by bluegills/panfish as a close second. :headbang:
  10. I have never tried tying with rabbit strips, after checking out your bunny leech I am going to have to try. Ever since Wickedcarpenter turned me on to this site, my bank account has slowly shrank. Thanks alot you flytying freaks.
  11. looks like you have some quality work going on there, do you actually use it or do you hang it up as a show piece?
  12. just wondering if you have had the time to try it out yet, wanted to know how those fish feel about this pattern
  13. I have one word for you -sick-
  14. I usually go barbless for gills and such, but I keep the barbs for smallies, never had a problem with killing fish. Maybe I have just been lucky so far.
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