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  1. Is there any product you guys use to get lice off of bird skins and feathers you guys harvest?
  2. Well I better not shoot at any.I think most of the ones around here are English Sparrows.
  3. I think I am going to make my fianl decision but thought I better ask first.Does anyone use fenwicks and like them?
  4. What are some options to do with sparrow feathers?Any good flies that use them?
  5. Is a 1 ball bearing reel bad for targetting panfish and occassionally trout?Also whattype of rod would be somewhat cheap yet effective.I am thinking around $100.
  6. How do you reach the patterns that you have bookmarked?I have bookmarked several but can't fidn them now.
  7. Check out this live show not.It has a bunch of different patterns. http://www.blogtv.com/people/youngoutdoorsman2001
  8. I am trying to work on it but here is my website. http://lpcflies.webs.com/
  9. I was thinking about it. I might as well just incase i lose one while fishing.
  10. I might have to do that. I better start practicing with a fly rod.
  11. Might not look much to you, but I have just started tying. I think this may be the neatest one I have made so far.
  12. I live in Randolph.It isa the Northeast part of the state.
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