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  1. I tied a few Wooly Buggers the other day. I used a thin gauge lead wire, less than 10 wraps, but I varied each one. Tied on securely (I thought) with thread and glued it all down before continuing with the rest of the fly. Whip finished and head cemented as well. After a little while fishing with them they just came apart, completely, just its guts hanging from the hook! I am wondering if the added weight plus the high speed of the fly while casting tore it apart. After they came apart I continued fishing with non weighted Wooly's and none of them came apart. I suppose I just didn't secure the wire well enough. Maybe they were fish strikes but I couldn't feel them, the water was fast.
  2. I always thought that customs just had to charge a certain percentage of packages the customs fees, so they didn't have to wade through all of them. About the package from J Stockyard... have to mention package did come damaged and was missing golden pheasent head.
  3. The package says... On another part of the shipping label the contents were listed as fly tying materials with a value of $135 USD value. I had a pair of boots shipped a few months ago from the USA as well. I had to pay about $40 charge at the door for them. I have no idea why some get through and some don't.
  4. Well my package arrived today, no customs fees! Ordered 8 Feb (Saturday) Shipped 10 Feb by USPS (hits USA/Canada border 14 Feb) Shipped 14 Feb by Canada Post Arrived 18 Feb 7 Business days total from USA-Canada, using the cheapest method of shipping. Not bad.
  5. Well so much for trying to save some money....
  6. I just did a large order with J Stockyard. Since I am in Canada do you think customs will ding me with a charge?
  7. I used to sell when I tied in school. Every fly was 1.19 + tax. Store would keep the 19 cents and I kept a dollar. Many dryfly and salmon patterns. I sold hundreds, would of sold more but my father was in the army and we moved. This was in late 80's early nineties, those were the days. How come the price of a fly hasn't increased with inflation? haha I came out ahead of the game but not by much. Its easier to say I just broke even. It was a great feeling just tieing and knowing fisherman were using my flies. I even had repeat buyers. I would suggest finding a close by convienence and tackle shop that will sell your flies for you. Either they buy them from you up front or you do it the way I did. With my arrangement the stores only "risk" was using some counter top space.
  8. On J Stockyard's site theres a hook size 2/0 and 2. What the /0 for? http://www.jsflyfishing.com/item/HK-052410-0000/Daiichi-2441-Traditional-Salmon-Hook/1.html
  9. Really with I could of got it to look like the aquariums steeldrifter has. My plan B was to put an ocean backdrop in it and put in some remote controlled subs.
  10. Sorry to resurrect this old thread. Here's my old 275 gallon built into the wall fish tank. Water was piped in through the ceiling and there was a drain pipe below it as well. I came realization that fish are decoration and decided to get rid of this tank. I tried to sell it, failed. I tried to give it away and failed at that as well. Its 3/4" glass on a steel frame with double thick glass on the bottom, must of weighed close to 800 pounds. The only way to get it out was with my trusty old axe!
  11. I did the same thing for my Dad to actually. Instead of using cork I glued them sideways to the matting. I did a lot of research into how to best mount them... I chose glue as it was pretty easy and the end result was good. Some of the hackle got a bit squished from the the flies laying on the side though. One of the methods I seen was using fishing line to tie them down to the matting with tiny spacers between the fly and matting to raise them up a bit.
  12. Thanks! phg you are probably right about the suppliers. I have'haven't really found that much difference in any prices, for any materials. Nothing to justify dropping a site completely. Even the expensive stuff only differs a few dollars here and there. I was hoping to find a bit more Jungle Cock, but it seems this Estonian guy has the monopoly on that market through EBay.
  13. I am looking for a good American or Canadian online store that sells materials. I am familiar with J.Stockyard's site. Bass Pro and Cabela's are too pricey. Google brings back many sites but I'd like to know what people around here use.
  14. Merry Christmas. I have been lurking these forums for awhile going through all the patterns and tips. Found lots of flies I can tie with the material I have. I especially appreciate the patterns that list where to fish them. Thanks everyone.
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