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  1. Hi Guys. I have now been trying to do all the Things you tell me. but all feathers are getting green. the brand is Veniard. Maybe it is to old.Bbut I dont understand that my fingers and the tissue I am using are getting blue. Butt all the feathers is from the same neck. I have cleaned it so maybe there are something in the cleaning there is not good. but know I will try to buy another neck and color it I dont give up. :-) Flyeye
  2. Dontheo I put in the color in boiling Water when it has set the color i put in a litle bit of vinegar. that is what i always are doing but this time the feathers are getting green but the towels and my fingers are very kingfisher blue. what a mees ;-) I have even tryet taking feathers from two different grizzle necks Can the powder getting to old ??? by the way thanks for your responce it is very helpfull Flyeye
  3. No you can dying all kinds of feathers, you are buying them every time when you are in a shop ;-) I have dyed many kinds of colores and feathers. but now suddently my blue color are getting green. that i dont understand. can the viniard color getting to old ??? Flyeye
  4. Hi Guys Hope you can help me. I bought some vienard kingfisher color. I have cleaned my feathers and did what I suposed to do "well I think" But all my feathers are getting dark green. but my fingers is very blue :-) way is that possible ?? i did the same thing one more time but without cleaning the feathers. and they also got green. Can anyone tell me whats wrong and how to doo ?? Best regard Flyeye.
  5. Hi Ok thanks, I priciate your help. I will tie one in a couple of days then you can see the result ;-) BR Flyeye
  6. Hi Again Yes I think that to. but I cannot sea any chenille as rib ?? for me it looks like there is some black long hair in the wing to ??? BR flyeye
  7. Hi Guys. Do any of you guys have the pattern on the steelhead fly "hartwcks hoser" ?? I have been looking on the net but can only find pictures. Greetings Flyeye
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