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  1. Grass is getting thick so how bout some some hook up, suspending baitfish patterns. Both on #1 hooks with a couple wraps of lead wire on the belly to act as a keel.
  2. The head is deer hair. The rabbit if palmered just behind/under it. Thanks
  3. Last Monday I was lucky enough to be the honored guest on Dave's (Panama Red) boat for a morning of fishing. The weather man said the winds would be 3-5 all morning, but he lied. The plan was to look for Pompano just off the beach, but it was a bust due to the chop. We did however follow around a group of some very large fish which Dave requested I not name. So, we moved inside and caught some trout and lady fish, Dave even tangled with something that had more power than he could stop. How's that line doing Dave? Anyways, the flies I have tied this week are inspired by the huge collection of EP style flies Dave has literraly stuffed in his box. I cant wait for the chance to get out there again and get these torn up! Pinfish size 4 & 1: Belly is SF Flash Blend and Congo for the backs. Hollowed tied, goofy eyed thing. It should work if I ever through it. Greenie Size 1 Size 4 All SF Flash Blend Good old red and white, with some palmered red bunny strips. Super happy with how this one truned out.
  4. Mine just start get in position when they hear me pull up. They know it is inevitable.
  5. Well I think we might as well start using cut bait. No telling what the bay will look like after these 2 feet of rain are done with it...
  6. I know it!! A whole week of it is just not fair! You have to assume that the next week will be perfect to make up for this one right?
  7. I always just put a few coats of Sally-Hansens hard as nails on my foam. Seems to preserve it and make them float a little better. Plus it makes the tail mor rigid, creating more of a "pop". Thanks, I think they turned out pretty good. I would love to feed them! Only been feeding bass so far this year. But I cant complain about that!
  8. Tied these up today from a "gurgler" pattern that Mr. Blaminack posted on Instagram. Hope to feed it to my pet trout by my office if they ever decide to show up. Sunny day Cloudy day
  9. That is correct Dave, sometimes earlier depending on the wind conditions.
  10. I guess they do like the Jet fuel! Great job getting him on some fish! And spicy nacho Doritos... That is happening at my house soon
  11. Great to hear Dave! Congratulations! Good report too, a lot more productive than I have been so far this spring. Super happy for you. I am in Mobile right now, and I hope this rain does make to to us the way it is here. Like a cow peeing on a flat rock.
  12. I like it MadFire! I wanted to have a weed guard but I ran out of space....
  13. Heavy fur shrimp right? Didn't have any that fit that description so here it is. Body is Senyo Lazer Dub and natural rabbit fur on a #1 hook. Natural rabbit fur as in I found a big clump of it next to my office yesterday...
  14. Thanks for the support fellas! I love the Wonderod. A neighbor gave it to me years ago and I use it for bass and sunfish. So much fun to cast! So they say Dave... Have not fished the beach at all this spring, I would love to go get em. I think I could learn a lot from you and dave alike!
  15. Today was stormy and windy in Panama City, and my house projects are all done so I tied up these guys. Waiting on some bait to show up in the bay! It has seemed promising lately but none of my usual spots are producing yet. Maybe they are waiting for these. All tied on Gama B10s #4. Senyo Laser dub for the heads. A little something extra... Spent the week in Asheville, NC last week and this is what I did. Other than drink beer...or I should say while I drank beer. Good beer. This guy ate the little itty bitty Zebra midge below. Not tying these... The local Mother-in-laws lake house. Lets just say I dont mind visiting.
  16. I appreciate the credit for your inspiration, however why did you have to make mine look bad! That is a beautiful one there. You packed the wool onto the head so tight. And that color is perfecto
  17. Thanks, the craft fur certainly looks good until you feel it and start cutting it off. Had to cut off like half the patch before I could get enough long fibers for this one fly.
  18. I am in Panama City, so there are plenty of mullet agn54. I'm sorry to hear about you specks mudskimmer. I hope they show up! Enjoy using the wool.
  19. Finally got to toss these woolhead mullet in the water and they are everything I could ask for and more, so I tied a few more variations. So far only a few trout, but i will find you Redfish! Smaller can be better - Size 4 Pre-Barred craft fur from Hobby Lobby - Stuff is kinda funky (in a bad way) And a slider...
  20. It is definitely a good thing if it's getting torn up! And having to tie a more is really a bonus in my opinion, I really like the Mullet pattern you have there, and I am certainly hooked on the idea of accentuating the black tail.
  21. The Sculpin wool is super easy to work with in my opinion. For the top brownish fly I parted my thread and jammed a ton of the sculpin wool in there before wrapping it and it created the head I like the best. Looked like a serious mess before trimming but I like the finished product the best out of the three. It is a rather small fly if you cant tell, Size 2, and yes the tail is just craft fur. I can certainly see how the peacock is going to get torn up but it looks great in the mean time! Thanks! I have been wanting some sculpin wool for a long time and I am pleased with it so far!
  22. Just received a bunch of new materials Saturday and these are what I have come up with so far. Really like tying with the Sculpin wool, and the Peacock feathers are fun too! Not sure about the XL aluminum eyes yet... but we will see. I cant wait to throw these as soon as the water warms... someday. Mullet - ish Big ugly - Should ride hook point up, but I am not sure how the Aluminum eyes will effect it yet.
  23. Good work, certainly looking realistic in my opinion. Beefed up eyes would be a nice touch for the future.
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