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  1. never seen this mag. up here but will give another look. or maybe someone could post the page. way to go Will maybe you'll be famous some day browncatcher :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. sorry Gary, I sent the flies out courier so had know idea it would be that stupid a cost. will make it up to you down the road some way or other. you know canpar only coat about 4 or 6 bucks and you know it will get there in time, wondered why you sent express now I know, thanks again. browncatcher
  3. THANKS GUYS, flies look great and thanks Gary for a great swap. will be in more but make sure I have time on my hands before I say yes. browncatcher
  4. welcome aboard, have fun one of the best sites to be on browncatcher :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. Muddler minnow or sculpins have been the best fly that Ive used on browns and have caught many if not most off this fly ,also excellent on bass. spun deer has a purpose!!!
  6. mine would also be the muddler or sculpin, no problem with the deer hair my trouble is with keeping those darn turkey wings straight
  7. Gary my flies are coming they are going out proity post today, from Chateauguay,Quebec to Bellville you'll get them before the 31st., sorry like i said I've things come up unexpectedly and was very busy there for a while. heck if could Id drive them there and continue on to the Ganny,haven't been there in a few years. anyways you'll get them this week. see you around the bend. brownsnatcher
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